February 1, 2018

What This Blog Is All About

What This Blog Is All About, Katie Farrin Headshot

When I first started my blog 7 (!!!) years ago, it was an outlet for my new business. A space to talk about weddings and love and share videos. But over time that business was no more but this blog kept running.

A few years ago a trend of having a niche with your blog started. Articles popped up everywhere saying a theme to your blog was the only way it would survive. First, you had to establish where your blog fit, what you would write about, your voice. And I totally believed it. I thought I needed to have a theme that I stuck to and never strayed. I could only write about relationships. Or I could only write about my family. Or I could only write about my faith. Or travel. Or home renovations.

At times, that same idea has kept me from writing. To be totally transparent, I have over 15 posts just sitting in draft mode waiting for me to click publish.

The other day while updating the blogs look (she is so pretty :)), I thought about who reads this blog. I thought about my love for writing. I thought about the longevity of my blog. I thought about its true purpose (being an outlet and not a source of income like in the past). And with that discovered my niche, my theme, my voice.

This blog is about everything and about nothing in particular. It is my special space. My place to visit from time to time to escape and write. My creative outlet. My happy little corner of the internet. My 7 year old journal. My blank page for today. My look back but my next move forward.

So if that all excites you, stick around. I plan to.

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