February 12, 2018

Two Days of Snow!

In South Arkansas it is a guarantee that when snow is forecasted ice will show up instead. Last month, talks of snow and snow days were a buzz in El Dorado. Bread and milk were flying off the shelves (a Southern thing)!

As I was tucking Skip into bed, we both prayed for snow. Imagine my absolute surprise to wake up to a winter wonderland! Skip was also the cutest. He kept shouting, "Jesus brought me snow! Or wait, did Santa bring me snow? Is it Christmas again?"

We made a delicious breakfast of fresh blueberry muffins and eggs and of course, so much coffee. Any day that I am home with no where to go, multiple cups of coffee are always on the agenda.

We bundled up the kids the best we could. The thing Rusty and I realized is we are not prepared for snow in the sense that we own zero cold weather items. We hardly ever get snow. In fact, two snow days this winter season is unheard of for us. Adding cold weather gear to the kids Christmas list for next year. And also why do kids freak out when you put gloves on them? Mittens all the way. :)

It was so fun to capture the babies playing in the snow! Skip loved it and we had to drag him inside while Clara June enjoyed a few minutes and was quickly over it. And much to our surprise the snow stuck around for a few days. I hope you enjoy these sweet pictures below as much as I loved taking them.

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