December 6, 2012

December Goals

Is it really December? I don't just say that because this year has gone so quickly but also because of this weather. We were in the lower 80's earlier this week. I had been fortunate enough to spend the last couple days with my grandmother who came all the way from Chicago to visit Rusty and I. She is Italian and funny and the best cook ever. Spending time with friends and family make the holidays that much merrier.

For those coming to the blog for the first time you may not understand why I post my monthly goals. To be honest, this post may not inspire anyone but it helps me complete things that I need to do. Posting goals publicly is kind of like announcing you are going to lose weight or exercise more or insert action here. It is like I am saying things out loud and others hold me accountable to it. I really cannot believe that this is my last monthly goals post before 2013! I have a good feeling about 2013 y'all!

Before we get to the goals how about a little song? I have A LOT of favorite Christmas melodies but This Christmas is one of my all time favorites!

1. Spend one day on the couch watching cheesy Hallmark Christmas movies. This one definitely made the top of the list. I fully believe that the holiday season is meant to recharge your batteries. I am longing for one day of relaxing and bad acting. Christmas movies make me so happy and I haven't even watched Elf yet (considering I typically watch it 15 times during the holidays).

2. Edit weddings like a mad woman. I have four in the cue and two of those almost complete. I really wish I could be done before the new year but I also have to be realistic. I am so excited to share a highlight or two.

3. Update a bit of text and a few other goodies on the blog. There are some exciting things coming your way and I have a few things that I cannot wait to share with you all. I am hoping to have all this completed by the first of the year. Of course I will show you the little but needed changes.

4. Wrap presents, finish gift shopping and mail Christmas cards. I may sneak some of this in this weekend!

5. Make this cider recipe. Thank you Jenni for the inspiration!

6. See Le Miserable. You may laugh at this point but I am 100% overly seriously about this movie. If you are a big Le Mis fan then you need to see this fabulous rendition of One Day More on Bridal Musings. It will make you smile.

What are your goals for this month? Do you have any fun Christmas traditions? What is your favorite Christmas movie? Here is to a great month!


  1. I can't wait to spend more time with my family this month.. That's my main December goal!

  2. Oh my goodness, I already did the one whole day watching cheesy Hallmark Christmas movies last weekend. Granted I was working through most of them, but they were on...and they were fabulous! I plan to do that again a few more times before the season is over. Have I mentioned this is my favorite time of year? I also cannot wait to see Le Mis, although my husband is less thrilled about that ;-)

    1. Wish we could have a giant blogger movie might!! Your husband sounds like mine. Rusty actually has to work on Christmas day so I am going solo!

  3. Seeing Les Mis is a goal of mine too!! Seriously cannot wait for this movie.

  4. I just had a duvet day watching Christmas movies at the wkend (not really sure if they were Hallmark?) But one of them was Love Actually ~ my fave! Thanks for the shout out xx

    1. Confession: I watched that for the first time this weekend while blogging! I loved it :)


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