June 22, 2015

Four Things I Have Learned From My Husband

 I have had this post brewing for quite some time but with Father's Day being yesterday I thought I should finish it.

While Rusty has taught me oodles of things, I narrowed it down to four things that I truly admire about him (with one being sarcastic. Surprised? Me neither.)

Celebrating R yesterday was fun. It was his first Father's Day and we really didn't do anything too different from our normal Sunday. Breakfast together, church, naps, playing with Skip. I love spending my days with this man. He is so kind and compassionate and smart and witty. Goodness, I struck gold.

Now for those four things...

 1. A collection of opened envelopes is a life necessity. While I wish I was kidding about this my husband totally does this. He opens an envelope, ripped edges and all, then leaves it on the table or even better a spot where Skip can reach them. I will find open and empty envelopes all over the house. It truly is a gift. We joke about it but I may start hiding them under his pillow.

2. How to control my temper. While you may not know this many have seen my temper. It is ugly and rears its head too quickly. When I met Rusty I remember someone being so rude to him. I was like aren't you going to do anything? He was all nope.

I was floored. Why wouldn't he spout off back at them? They were in the wrong, not R. But he didn't. And I was floored. Truly.

In the six years we have been together, R has taught me patience in anger. He has taught me patience overall but mostly in anger. I still make mistakes when it comes to anger but I am learning to not react so quickly. The biggest thing? I am learning to let things go that don't matter one iota. All in thanks to him.

3. Perspective. Rusty is so open to others and situations. He likes to ponder all perspectives in a situation, arguments, sides of the story. He has taught me to open my eyes to everyone. Life isn't cookie cutter. It is messy and fun and bright. He has lovingly taught me to be a better person through understanding perspective.

4. Being weird is okay. Last night Rusty was having back issues. I suggested he use the heating pad for just a bit. While we were waiting for it to get warm, I acted out some charades. We were laughing and goofing off and R said, "You are so weird." Normally I would be offended but I am learning to love my weird sense of humor. He loves me for being different. Laughing together is something that makes us feel connected and that man is also a boss at charades. He got Seabiscuit right in like 10 seconds.

This man above is gold. He is the best thing and I am thankful, every day for my husband.

Happy Father's Day babe.

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