Clara June Turns One!

When I was pregnant with Skip, all I could think about was having a sweet baby girl. I just knew that I would be an outstanding girl mom. I thought for sure Rusty would spend his life with all women.

Then we opened the envelope and it was a boy. Total and utter shock.

A boy was never on my radar. Like, at all.

What do you do with a boy? What do boys even like? What do they wear? How do I change a boy diaper? Just to name a handful of thoughts that crossed my mind.

When we became pregnant a second time (not planned and a huge shock), from the start I was 100% confident it was a girl.

In fact a friend commented on Clara's nike shorts the other day to which I replied, "I bought those for her before we even knew we were having a girl." That is how sure I was.

We planned to do our gender reveal (just Rusty, Skip and I) at home but due to Rusty being delayed getting home from a business trip I had to wait another 24 hours for the surprise. Utter suspense and slight irritation with Rusty. Hey, just being honest.

When we threw that confetti, well you can see my overjoyed reaction here. God was faithful.

Clara June turned one a few weeks ago and it was such a great day. We thought our family was complete with Skip but little did we know that we needed this firecracker.

Clara loves everything that her brother has. She already has an obsession with shoes (honestly, she didn't get this from me). She wakes up talking and smiling. She loves to dance and adores music. She will eat practically anything you give her. She sleeps like a champ (from the beginning - praise the Lord)! She is hysterical and 10 minutes around her every knows why we call her Toots. She is a handful in the best way.

Clara June, may you never change baby girl. You are such a blessing. You make everyone happy. You make everyone laugh. You make everyone feel loved. You are our bright light!


30th Birthday Gift Ideas

Is this post a hint? Possibly.

Is Rusty reading this? Hopefully.

Am I turning 30 soon? Definitely!

Guys, 30 feels really exciting for me.

I am thrilled for this new stage in life. It does feel a bit odd and sometimes I still think there is no way I am about to be 30. At times I feel I have been 30 for years. Especially when I talk about gardening or decluttering. While other days I think, let's go out and stay up late and karaoke.

I remember when I was little pretending to be 30, running a hotel (no lie) in New York City with my best friend Laura and being single. I kid you not. My imagination was specific. Yet here I am living in my childhood hometown, married with two babies. Funny how things change.

30 just seems like a good number. We really feel settled. We feel good about this stage of life. We are happy. Growing together and happy.

So yes, turning 30 can be scary but this gal is finding it liberating. Just remind me of this the days leading up to the big day. In fact, it is less than a month away. :)

Y'all, I love taking old and working it in with the new. My house is full of vintage treasures mixed with new pieces. I love taking my time, looking through everything and especially love this dresser.

On my Instagram stories you can regularly see me putting on a good record. Currently, I am dreaming about Fleetwood Mac on vinyl.

This past summer I purchased my first good quality swimsuit from Albion Fit. Ever since then I have been obsessed with trying to pick out my next purchase with this brand. This romper wins!

It is no secret that I love flowers and attempting to garden. Potted plants have been my go to but this late summer/fall I plan to turn one of my vegetable garden beds into a full floral bed. I am looking forward to planning my garden bed and purchasing seeds or blooms. Currently drawing inspiration from these flowers.

I am a classic studs gal. Fun, colorful and sparkly studs but these tassel earrings are making me want to try something different.

For my 29th birthday I purchased my first pair of clogs. Y'all, if I were any shoe personified, it would be a clog. I love them. I wear them with shorts, dresses, jeans, everything. While I love my Lotta's and have worn them religiously, I am wanting to make an investment in a forever pair of clogs. I sound like a little old lady. Ha! These Bryr Emma Clogs are my jam. I l-o-v-e them.

An afternoon baking in the kitchen with Skip sounds so nice! Warm baked goods, a good record and coffee.

Then after baking, sitting down to read a new thriller is ideal. I have heard a handful of people rave about The Couple Next Door.

So hopefully someone is planning to email my family this post. Any takers? :)

What is on your birthday wishlist?


Our 4th of July at the Lake!

Our 4th of July at the Lake!

It is official. Fourth of July is now one of my favorite holidays.

I feel like I have neglected it my whole life. Possibly not realized how fun and memorable this holiday can be.

We made plans to spend the long weekend at our family condo on the lake with no real agenda. It was four full days of family time, boat rides, patio time and good eats.

Both of our children are fish but Clara is beyond brave! It makes me a tad nervous but in the same sense very excited to have a water baby. She hates being in the raft we bought her. She wants to float, kick her legs, put her face in the water and even be dunked. She l-o-v-e-s the water y'all. I think it is time for swim lessons for both babies!

We spent a great deal of time at the pool. Pool time looks so different these days. We take turns chasing Clara and swimming with Skip. Skip is such a strong independent player. You don't have to do much to entertain him. I absolutely love seeing his imagination come to life. While I adore this time in life, don't think I don't reminisce on the days when we sat by the pool reading, taking naps and having lighthearted conversations.

Our 4th of July at the Lake!

Our 4th of July at the Lake!

These two had the best time in the pool together! A few times during our stay, I would take Toots back to the condo for nap time and Daddy + Skip stayed to swim. It makes me happy. Putting this picture on the official it is time to print out new pictures list.

Our 4th of July at the Lake!

Our 4th of July at the Lake!

This is a picture of Clara telling me that I am smothering her and that I am no longer a cool mom. Totally kidding but she wasn't happy. Again, she wants to swim and not be held.
Our 4th of July at the Lake!

Our 4th of July at the Lake!

One to make you smile. We are really into picking our nose these days. :)
Our 4th of July at the Lake!

Our 4th of July at the Lake!

Our 4th of July at the Lake!

Our 4th of July at the Lake!

Our 4th of July at the Lake!

We have a few weekends at home and we are looking forward to this! This is such a memorable time of year friends! Let's enjoy it.

Oh, and happy weekend!