Broken Bow Getaway in Pictures

Raise your hand if you love getaway weekends with friends?! (raises and waves both hands)

Back in December, Rusty was getting the itch to getaway with our sweet friends for a long weekend in the woods. After coordination of schedules and location research, we marked our calendars for a weekend in Broken Bow, Oklahoma.

Before we planned this trip I had never heard of Broken Bow. In fact, not many people I knew had heard of it. It was a decent distance for all of us to drive and the amenities were so fun!

We arrived on Thursday and spent our days drinking coffee, watching March Madness, eating delicious meals, time on the water, playing board games (ha!), sitting around the campfire and making such wonderful memories. This group of people are very special to Rusty and I. The guys have been best friends since a young age and continued their friendships. And lucky for me I get friendships out of the deal with all their sweet wives.

We made a pact to do this once a year. A long weekend, with no littles and lots of mimosas. Sounds good. Right?

In my next life I am having a cabin in the woods with cabin motif. It is settled.

Places we ate:
Abendigos: This was one of two places that came highly recommended to us and I see why! It was so good and the atmosphere was perfect! We enjoyed specialty drinks, a good patio and live music. I dined on the pork chop with a cabbage slaw and drank champagne muddled with mint, raspberries and lime. For some reason the reviews for this place are bad (and quite comical too) but we had a great time!

Grateful Head Pizza Oven: So good. So good. So good! This was the other place that was recommend to check off our must eat at list and it did not disappoint. We got a wide spread: salad, wings and three kinds of pizza. Go here. We really enjoyed everything about this place.

House of Burgers and Blues: It was pretty good. I got a bleu cheese burger but wasn't that impressed. Their fried pickles and house chips were delicious. We bellied up to the bar for dinner, drinks and basketball. We liked the vibe!

Places we drank:
Girls Gone Wine: Oddly enough a co-worker of mine has a family member that is co-owner of this joint. I cannot recommend it enough. Free wine sampling, a great patio and the shopping was great too!

Beavers Bend Brewery: I thought it was good but everyone else thought it was kind of blah. All beer taste the same to me but others who really knew their beers didn't care for it. It did have a rustic feel, live music and baggo out back.

Things we did:
Broken Bow Lake: Apparently Broken Bow is known for their Sasquatch sightings. People really get into it and their stories are hysterical. One we read even includes the lake. The guys went fishing each morning but on Saturday the weather was so good to us so we all spent a few hours on the pebbled beach. It was beyond relaxing and very, very pretty!

Watch Shaun back down the driveway: While everyone reading this won't get this, our group will. This is just for them. :)

Thrift shops: We spent Friday morning driving around and stopping at various thrift shops. While known of us bought anything we had such a great time!

Cabin: Our cabin had such great amenities like a hot tub, a campfire area and a great wrap around porch. We spent a lot of time here just relaxing and taking it easy. We booked through Beaver Bend Adventures and really enjoyed their customer service!

I cannot say enough good things about this trip. From the food to the time being adults (no kids! love you Skip and Clara) to the charm of the town, we enjoyed it but really it is all about the people you are with. Thankful, really, really thankful!


The Words I Say

I will never do that when I have children.

She hangs her head in the shame of her words. She feels conviction and sees how her words come across.

I can't believe she did that.

She sits down to write. To pray. To ask forgiveness. To say to other moms, women, friends, strangers, that she is sorry for her critical spirit. That it has been a point of failure and strife.

That isn't appropriate for her age.

She learns that even if she thinks it, it isn't right. It isn't who she wants to be. She knows she needs to change.

Can you believe they did that? *spreads gossip like wildfire continuously

What is she wearing?

Casts ugly stares

Gives backhand response

Complains about helping someone when they don't respond with a thank you

It just keeps coming out. But how does she change? How does she say she is sorry? How does she learn to change her thoughts?

God help me.

A simple prayer. A small conversation begins.

Dear God,

Help me to stop being negative. Let me love others. Let me be compassionate. Let me be like you.


Begins work on herself.

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Skipisms Y'all

Chatting about school.
Mommy: Skip did you have a good day at school?
Skip: Yes.
Mommy: Did you get in time out?
Skip: Yes.
Mommy: Why?
Skip: Push.
Mommy: Who did you push?
Skip: Callie Gurl.
Boba: (Grandma - R's mom) What did Mrs. April say when you pushed Callie?

After praying for family, friends and loved ones.
Mommy: Skip, who do you want to pray for now?
Skip: (in one breath and really fast) Omie, Diddy, JaneMar, Mar, Diddy, Omie.

Skip has two bad scraps on his face due to falling off our back steps. This was his conversation with his Sunday school teachers.
Shay: Skip what happened to your face?
Skip: Push.
Shay: Who pushed you?
Skip: Mommy and daddy. 
(Seriously kid? Haha)

Trying to fight sleep and stay up later.
Mommy: What are we not going to do at school tomorrow?
Skip: Push.
Mommy: Yes. Good!
Skip: Push, April, Callie Gurl, No Skip No!, Go Cats!, Purple, White (quite literally rambling in one breath and with a fist bump at the end for Go Cats!)

On seeing his sweet cousin Nate.
Mommy: Skip, are you going to see Nate this weekend?
Skip: Yes!
Mommy: What are you going to do together?
Skip: Eat cheese.

Holding my big boy and walking past sisters room at night.
Mommy talking.
Skip: (tapping my shoulder) Shhhhh! (finger to mouth) Sissy sleeping.
Mommy cheesy grinning.

Saying prayers before bed.
Mommy: Dear God.
Skip: Dear God.
Mommy: I thank you for...
Skip: I thank you for...
Mommy: Now tell him what you are thankful for.
Skip: Catch (his best friend), puppies and... MUFFINS! AMEN!

Needless to say this stage is fun. He is the sweetest boy ever.

Images by BLC Photography