May 23, 2016

Ramblings Upon Ramblings

 Skip not knowing mommy was taking his picture.

Sometimes I feel like my brain needs to just dump and here we are with a new blog post. My content is top notch friends. Top notch. (Also I just had to look up how to spell notch. World's worst/non confident speller ever.)

A post in the form of a list, HOORAY! You guys know I live for those lists.

1. Rusty did it. He became the old person who makes those recipes you see on Facebook BUT in his defense he made something new. The thing about my husband is he could eat the same thing every day and rejoice i.e. grilled chicken, roasted sweet potato and green beans. While I love those things I am all about new recipes or throw some new seasonings in or add more butter or where's the chocolate? I am totally picking at him about actually making something from Facebook but the joke is on me because IT WAS DELICIOUS! And we have leftovers. This gal is all about enough leftovers for lunch the next day.

2. All my pregnancy clothes are reaching that dangerous point where my belly is almost showing and really I shouldn't be wearing them out in public but here I am. Big belly and all. It is a lovely sight.

3. Speaking of that big belly, Clara is constantly moving and not just like a kick or punch. Her whole body moves and it is the weirdest feeling/sensation. She is so busy all the time which is just like Skip was in utero. <- That words makes me laugh when I say it. Yep, 13 years old.

About two weeks ago I was photographing an event for the college here in town. They needed a pregnant belly to show/discuss the career of radiology. I gladly hopped on the table. Our insurance pays for one mid-way through pregnancy ultrasound so a free one is like gold. Also I knew they told me Clara was a girl but what if Clara was really a Clarence? I always do weird mind games like that with myself.

The tech did a 4d ultrasound to show the on-lookers. The Farrins don't pay for those either (with either pregnancy). We have seen more that we are like that is a face??? and you paid $300 for that than ones where you are like AH! I know what your kid looks like before they get here. Clara looked right at us and I saw her face so clearly. She had pouty lips and fat cheeks and was an angel baby. I need a squish.
Skip knowing mommy was taking a picture and doing this face. Goof. I don't know why but this picture makes me laugh every time.

4. We are toying with the idea of listing our home. Is that crazy considering all we have done? I know. I clean the entire house and shout the whole time LIST THIS THING. IT IS TOOOOO BIG. But the reality of someone actually living it versus us makes me sad. You know I am all about smaller living, less stuff type but I do love our home. We have made it a home and I do love all the projects. Anyone interested?

5. I haven't talked about it much but I will be home 100% of the time with Clara and Skip as in leaving my part time gig. We tried this with Skip but with the ppd part time work was a healthy solution plus it all fell into place. I am excited to be with my babies. Honestly, it does scare me a bit but I am ready for a new normal.

6. The Bachelorette starts tonight and it is 100% my guilty pleasure. I always declare I WILL NEVER WATCH THIS SHOW AGAIN after the final episode but this time I didn't because I adore JoJo! She is down to earth (well my perception from the realness of reality tv ;)). Rusty always rolls his eyes at this franchise because some people (clears throat...Rusty) thinks real love and engagement can't happen in six weeks of meeting someone that you spend all your time with on extravagant dates and helicopter rides and on the beach. He is ridiculous. That totally mirrors our love story.

7. Send me some good and healthy freezer meals to prep before baby. I bought extra stuff for homemade granola bars. With Skip my milk supply was so low constantly that granola every morning or oats of some kind were a necessity. In case you want to try your hand at these oat cookies or these granola bars, go for it. I have been making those granola bars for years and typically gift them to new mommies. Thank you Summer for sending that recipe 5 years ago!

8. I mentioned to my sweet friend Rach that I wanted to schedule something after baby and saw that the Lumineers were traveling to Rogers. I text that it would be awesome to go and she texts back GOT US TICKETS! Am I was like I love you forever! She is seriously so fun and spontaneous with me (well when I try to be...who are we kidding?) I cannot wait to go and dance and drink a beer and not be pregnant.

9. I am working on June goals and while Clara is not due until July 6th I want to write as the only goal... HAVE A BABY. Oh and pack a bow for the hospital. I have nothing ready but the idea of her being born in June just like her great grandmother June (who got the name for being born in June) is sweet to me. I am all for babies cooking until the due date but a week early is when Skip came. I birth big children. She will be a big ball of chubby cheeks.

10. Tired of my ramblings yet? Yeah me too. Brain dump over. Bye!

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