June 1, 2016

My Heart for Adoption and Learning As I Go

For those who are close to me I have shared my heart for adoption and my family's story with adoption. But for those of you hearing these words for the first time know that God is opening my heart to adoption but I have no idea in what way. Funny how God places something on our heart then slowly steps away leaving you asking questions and ultimately in prayer. He is good friends.

My mom and uncle are adopted. I always love hearing the story from my grandfather on my mom's adoption and regularly ask him to tell me over and over again. My grandparents had my uncle for a few years when they got the call to come pick up my mom. When my grandparents adopted in Arkansas at the time getting two babies was unheard of and my grandfather always says that with complete admiration and thankfulness.

My grandparents and uncle picked up my mom in downtown Little Rock and my grandmother immediately wanted to shop for girl clothes (sounds like me). Waiting in the car while my grandma shopped, my grandfather says he and my uncle tried everything to get my mom to stop crying (she had an ear infection at the time). Surprisingly my grandmother took the longest to get on the fence with adoption. She thought she wouldn't love the baby as her own to which my grandfather knew wouldn't be the case. When she picked up my uncle within a few days she was asking my grandpa when they could start adopting their second. Adoption changed her life. It changed us all.

Adoption has completely restored our family. I wouldn't be here without adoption, without my grandparents saying yes to a family. Our family has truly been blessed by adoption.

A few months ago a girl I follow on Instagram posted a photo of herself in a cute shirt with a caption explaining her support of a friend who was adopting. I clicked through to find the sweetest and cutest gal ever named Nicole. Her and her husband after trying for a baby decided to begin the process of adoption. Not only was adoption big on her heart but she is also a wedding photographer + videographer (which makes her my kind of gal).

Nicole and Tyler share their story so beautifully and it is clear God has his hand on their lives plus the baby they will bring home. Here is more of their story (warning you will cry in the best way possible):

Aren't they awesome? Isn't the presence of God in their lives incredible? I love this quote from Nicole because it speaks to all of us at one time or another, "As I think back to all those moments I sat sobbing with my bible in front of the Lord questioning what he was doing I can't help but be so humbled that his plan has been so much better than anything I would have planned for our life." Amen Nicole, amen.

While I don't know the role of adoption in our families lives yet I do know that helping this couple is part of my journey with adoption. I don't really know Nicole. Never met her but it is clear that their purpose is to help a little babe, nurture it, bring him or her up in the Lord.

They just launched their biggest fundraiser to date, $30,000 in 30 days. I am believing with them that it can happen. If 1,000 give just $30 (the price of a meal out for a family) they will easily reach their goal. Want to help? Here is their go fund me page.

And continue praying for our family and how adoption fits into our lives. I just know it does in some way or another. As I feel more comfortable I promise to share more on things that have happened since the topic of adoption has come up. Until then friends and happy Wednesday! :)

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