May 20, 2016

Old Master Bathroom Reveal

Ain't she a beauty? Before we really get to the photos you may be wondering why I call it the old master bathroom and your curious nature is a good thing.

Our home was built in the early 80's. It has had three owners (with our family being the third). When it was originally built it was a three bedroom, two and a half bathroom home. It was really spacious already and different in a lot of ways from other homes in our area. The second owners decided they wanted a big master suite and began that project. Pros of a new master: vaulted ceilings, patio access, separated on opposite side of the house from the other rooms, second fireplace, living room area and two more bathrooms. Yep, when we moved in we had 4.5 total bathrooms. These people liked to have options when it came to the potty. Ha! Cons of our master? Our backyard went from big to tiny tiny and it will probably be the last room I ever touch when it comes to decorating and styling. It is a home of mismatched everything right now. Hey, our bed is super comfy though. Anyway this is why we call it the old master bathroom versus the guest room bathroom. Both are correct so you pick!

Before we ever started this project we went back and forth on whether or not to splurge on a new vanity or paint the existing one. And when I say back and forth I mean we spent months debating it. We had already painted it white for the time being, put a new shower curtain up and painted the trim white and walls gray (shocker). In case this is your first time reading the color gray is my love language, my spirit animal, my addiction. Get it?

Finally we decided to paint our vanity that was already in place. I read articles on the best paint to use and the best techniques. I spent an afternoon sanding it down to the original wood and Rusty rolled paint on. He purchased a small roller brush and has a thing about paint stroke marks. Hey, he is the one painting so I went with it. He was right. It does make a difference.

We hired the same guy (Dennis) who did our backsplash in the kitchen to tile the floor. The floor originally had peel and stick laminate flooring. We have the leftover roll if anyone wants it. ;)

Dennis is so great at what he does. He loves what he does and that makes us happy to see. He laid the tile in one afternoon and then grouted the next day. Our tile actually jump started the whole go for it NOW remodel. R and I were strolling through Home Depot and glancing at tile. I pointed to our now tile and said I like that! He walked over and started loading boxes into our cart (no words spoken). I was like uh, what are you doing? R looked at me and said we NEVER agree or like the same things and we both like this. We are getting it. And now we are proud owners of basket weave(esque) tile.

Our tiler Dennis also does countertops. I was dead set on carra marble. I have wanted it for a long time and then Dennis showed me a picture of the counters below. I fell over and shouted from the ground Me! Me! Pick me! We love the counter so much we are putting them in our hall bathroom. Heck, I may just stick it everywhere. Wall art, plant stand, walkway to our home. Well not the last one because we could never afford a marble walkway to our home. Ha! I do love it though and pet it regularly.

Our bathroom to-do list:
Remove wallpaper (us)
Paint vanity (us)
Lay new tile floor (outsourced aka paid someone)
Paint walls, trim and ceiling (us)
Add quarter round (us)
Add crown molding (us)
New sink, faucet, lights (outsourced)
New hardware on vanity (us)
New towels and decor (us)
Toilet paper holder
Roman shade for window
Install new ceiling vent (not completely white, more beige)

Guys, I am so pleased to show you these photos. We are proud of this space but in true Farrin fashion we still lack about 25% of things to be able to say 100% we are done with this room. It is kind of our thing to not completely finish a room.

Normally I do a much better job linking directly to our sources and supplies. It is a bit difficult just because we bought in stages BUT I am doing my best friends! Now invite me over to help you redo your bathroom. I am so weird. I LOVE demo, remodeling and finishing touches. It all makes me happy.

Marble countertops, DHM Marble, Granite and Tile
Vanity paint color, Behr Charcoal Blue, Home Depot
Sink and faucet, Home Depot
Vanity light (purchased over a year ago, linked a similar option), Home Depot
Wall Hooks, Home Depot
Floor Tile, Home Depot
Towels, Mirror, Bath rugs, Shower curtain, Wicker basket, Wooden frame, TJ Maxx
Small basket and triangled cup, Ikea
Hand lotion, World Market
Wall Art, Design for Soul (free!)

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