July 23, 2014

Mentions of Kitchens, Frozen Yogurt and Fall

I knew that title would pull you just right in. This post is a compalation of things that I have been thinking about lately. Some things may interest you but if not move onto the next point. And everything is in list form because you know that list is my middle name. Katie List Farrin. Wouldn't that be weird if that really was my last name? Oh no, it probably is someone's name or a celebrity baby name. Am I in trouble?

Moving on.

1. I am so ready for Fall. Leaves, boots, our son, pumpkin everything and mostly, cooler weather.

2. I sweat all the time. It is summer and I am pregnant. I have quit making excuses or apologizing for sweating. I just let it go. Attractive, I know.

3. When you are pregnant two things happen: 1: Men are more attracted to you. I swear it y'all. I don't know if I am giving off a vibe or a smell or my sweaty forehead?? I seriously don't know what it is but I have had more men hit on me in the past eight months than in the last two years. I mean, whatever. I guess. Ha! 2: People love to help you (for the most part). People grab the door, take your cart for you, put stuff in your trunk, bring you jam, understand when you put your feet up on their coffee table. It is just so kind and I love seeing how kind others are. It is encouraging. Everyone told me that people try to help when you are pregnant and they were right.

4. Am I really putting baby clothes into a dresser for a child? Is this real life? I will take it though.

5. I am working on a post about our birth plan and why I think it important for Rusty and I to have one. Everyone laughs at me when I say the phrase 'birth plan' but oh well. Birth plan it is.

6. No more pregnancy talk in this post. I know. It gets old for those not with child or already moms. Daunting.

7. Do you take extra time for yourself? I have recently started thinking about this and it may spur from some blog posts that I have read lately but think about it. Do you have a workout routine sans kids? Do you have date nights? Do you put on your favorite dress just because? Do you occasionally splurge on new undies or a purse? What about your nighttime skin care? Just a thought. How do we get so busy that we put ourselves on the back burner? Are women programmed this way? Do I ask enough questions? Ha. I guess I want us to make more for ourselves. Confidently, say no to something to make time for us. What an idea!

8. Go get a sno cone. Let that picture above persuade you. Or frozen yogurt. Speaking of frozen yogurt, El Dorado got a little yogurt shop and they have carmel and green apple frozen yogurt. It may have been the best thing I have tasted. It was so good and normally I get tons of toppings but this was so good I just wanted yogurt.

9. Rusty and I are wanting to remodel our kitchen in the next two to three years. It currently wears the prettiest 1980's floral wallpaper. A real charmer, you know. I am finding that our new design ideas fit together but our style of how we should decorate with doesn't mess well. I also wonder about products and how they work. For example, I l-o-v-e wood counter tops but they have mixed reviews. So many people swear by them while others hate them. Bah! If only there was a way to try out products before you bought them.

10. I am currently addicted to Pinterest. It comes in waves and I am riding the wave high these days. It is just a place of pretty inspiration and happiness for me. Also when I wake in the middle of the night fully awake it helps.

11. I have a problem and there may be no cure. I talk to my dogs.... a lot. It has gotten worse since I am home more. Even Rusty stares at me blankly. Anyone else? Surely, someone. Help.

12. :)

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