July 17, 2014

Birthday Happy List

Let's be honest. This post is for my husband and mom but hey, it keeps being a yearly tradition on the blog. I cannot believe that in a few short weeks I am turning 27. I remember playing hotel with my best friend (yeah, we ran a hotel business and it was wildly successful) when we were little and pretending to be 27. My idea of 27 then was running a business, living in a big city and having multiple boyfriends. While my best friend is living that life (and she is so awesome), I am married, a homeowner and going to be a mommy. A little different but even sweeter.

So what made this years birthday list? 

//Bringing Up Bebe//

I have heard such wonderful things about this book. It is from the perspective of an American mom who finds herself raising her child in France. The approach of French parents is so intriguing to me. I cannot wait to dive into this book.

//Ice Cream Cake//


//Instax Camera//

This one is more for me and baby. I adore this little camera and the idea of pulling it out to use all the time especially in the first year.

//Cinema Gift Card//

One thing I use to do all the time was go see a matinee. And I want to do this again. Sneak in snacks and watch a movie. Sigh, it makes me happy.

//Diaper Bag//

I really didn't want to put anything on my birthday wishlist that included baby but I love this bag. I love the look and style and it just so happens to be a diaper bag which makes it even better. I have bag goo goo eyes. Isn't she a beaut?

I really may set up a camera and film me painting my toes. At 31 weeks pregnant, it is quite comical and tiring. Who would have thought it could be such a workout? Someone massaging and rubbing my feet and legs = heaven. Honestly, this gift would complete my birthday.

In case you want to see last year's list. I love birthday's and considering this is the last one before baby it makes it a little bit more special.

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