July 14, 2014

In the morning

When I was in college I had a roommate who woke up so chipper in the morning. And I never really got it until now. I remember pulling the covers back over my head and snuggling in a little deeper. Admittedly, I still snuggle in a little deeper but I absolutely adore mornings now.

Not every morning is the same. I like it that way but they always consist of:

morning coffee, fruit, a hearty breakfast, my journal, prayer, reading the Bible (currently studying Proverbs), morning sunlight in the nursery, a few minutes in the rocking chair, blogging, snuggling the puppies, watching the puppies outside, yoga, a good smelling candle, picking up a little, writing down my to-do list, good tunes and kissing my husband goodbye for work.

I love mornings. I embrace them. Everything about them calls to me....even when the puppies jump on me as my alarm clock.

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