May 29, 2014

Why One Day I will learn to DIY

I have a confession. Well, if you know me, you already know it but if you only know me in the blog sense, it is confession time. I cannot craft. Everyone says to me, "Katie, you are so creative. You make wonderful things."

My creativity is in technology/creating video + photos. I do not carry one iota of the DIY beautiful creation gene. We all measure what is truly creative differently. And that is okay. To me creativity is using a power tool and creating or painting or sanding or making pretty. I have realized this even more when it has come to finally owning my dream home.

We recently just finished our sunroom de-wallpapering and painting. Er, our painter did. He is the best. But now I have this long, skinny room full of sunlight and I want more plants. I feel like I am missing pieces around my home that I am either going to have to create or spend a fortune buying. And well, newsflash, I don't like spending a fortune.

This summer I want to create more with my hands. Tiny projects like a herb garden in little pots to big projects like a record cart bench for storing all my records. Here are a few other ideas on my mind:

So what are your tips for completing a DIY project? Overcoming fears of messing it completely up? Share some of your fun projects and builds.  Inspire people. :)

More of my DIY Pinterest board here.

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