May 27, 2014

Hey Memorial Day

I am running into a problem friends. I am having a hard time allowing myself to relax lately. Don't get me wrong. I did carve out time to layout this holiday weekend but only for about three hours. The rest of the time I was running around cleaning, making meals, finding things for the nursery/our home and betting Rusty he wouldn't buy new flooring for our living room. (True story: we have changed our minds on flooring oh, about 6 times getting new quotes for each. We Rusty finally pulled the trigger this weekend. Or so I think. It could be time #7).

This Memorial Day we traveled to our condo with our family. It was bliss (minus the not letting myself rest part). We ate great food. One of the new restaurants we tried was Rocky's. My brother put it on his must-do list while in Hot Springs. The restaurant is all about Chicago style food which fits in well with my family. Sadly, I didn't take a picture of our food but it was delicious and I highly recommend the place. It is one of those been around forever, hole-in-the-wall looking types of places that is just darn good.

We spent time by the water and the water was so busy. We are lucky that our condo has a pool that looks over the water. We get the best of both worlds. We can hop in the lake or swim in the pool. My brother's kids had such a good time swimming. I also got to layout and read. That is happiness to me.

On actual Memorial Day we traveled home and spent the day at a friends house. We talked, played cards, ate too much (a pattern forming) and relaxed outside. It was such a nice day.

So back to this resting thing. My first trimester I was the typical newly pregnant gal. I ate and slept. That was it. Nothing else sufficed. I quit working out. I quit taking care of myself. I don't mean to offend anyone else who does this but this isn't normal or to me it shouldn't be. I feel like pregnancy is the time to get things together in the health department. I vowed to kick it up about 5 notches with my second trimester rolling in. I even exercised on my vacation. I know, ridic. The thing is I am SO scared I am going to get lazy. Anyone else have this fear? I am fearful that I will be a first trimester Katie and I don't want to be. You see in two days I start a new stay at home gig. And it scares the poop out of me. I am looking for something part time to work from home. I don't want to stop working 100% ..... on anything. I don't want to become lazy. I want to be active and I know it ultimately comes down to me. Everyone keeps telling me to rest while I can but I am struggling with that. I need balance on knowing what is rest and what is get your booty up and moving gal because you haven't lifted a dumbbell in six days. Guidance friends?

And let me just say that I feel brave posting this next photo. It is me, full on in a bathing suit, almost 24 weeks pregnant. I am not a little oh so cute pregnant gal but I am working on my health and baby. I feel like I am exposing myself posting this but I am doing it. And a big thank you to my best friend Summer for the swimsuit that honestly does make me feel like a pin up gal. I like that feeling. :)

I hope your Memorial Day was fun! Any highlights? I am thankful to celebrate a holiday that honors others who have done so much. Thankful for those who have the heart of service.

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