June 11, 2014

Vegas Vacation

Guys, I went to Vegas. Any guesses on how much I spent in the penny slots? A whopping $5. I know. I live on the edge. I am not into the whole lose your money for fun thing. Personally, that isn't fun at all to me but I do love that others love it. It is so fun to watch a craps table cheering and slapping one another on the back.

I don't want to call it a babymoon (we needed a vacay) but this was Rusty's big trip before the baby gets here. His father's day gift was playing in a poker tournament (fun fact: my husband use to be a professional poker player). We spent last week there and it was lovely. It really was. I was a bit apprehensive about this trip because well, you know I love vacations of nothing. While Vegas is all lights and action, it is also slow paced.

Each morning R and I would go eat breakfast around 7 a.m. then go explore. The strip was empty until about 11 a.m. We had it almost all to ourselves. We would just start walking and see where we ended up. We shopped, ate wonderful food, took a ton of photos and then would spend the afternoon by the pool. That is right; we went to the casino as a couple once (for my $5 penny slot action). I got a tan y'all and that never happens.

It was so nice. I slurped mango drinks, ginger ale and water like a crazy person. I took naps every afternoon and I also read a lot. We stayed at the Harrah's and I liked it a lot. Our last day we ventured over to the Venetian and holy cow, it is fabulous! We decided on our last night to see a show. It was a bit overwhelming just picking one show but we settled on Rock of Ages. Oh my goodness, it was amazing and the baby kicked so much during the show. He loved it and so did his parents.

I really loved Vegas and ironically miss it. I am thankful that Rusty planned the entire trip for us and I just got to ride along. Vegas pushed me out of my comfort zone some moments and I am thankful for that. I am also thankful for R. He is a good man.

Things that surprised me about Vegas:

  • Pregnant or not, you will be offered strip club passes and shots of alcohol. Of course I turned them down.
  • There is still a lot to do even for a six month pregnant gal.
  • It was extremely relaxing.
  • Virgin drinks are common.
Now for so many pictures because we all love pictures. Oh and Viva La Vegas!

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