December 13, 2012

Q & A: How To Pick The Perfect Vendors {It's Just Like Dating}

More and more I am convinced that finding the right vendor(s) for your wedding day is like dating. First you start off with a phone call or email. Next you set up a time to meet with one another just = first date. You meet in a neutral place more than likely a coffee shop and strike up a conversation. You talk about yourself, ask questions about the other and then you go one your way. See, just like dating. Did you get nervous just thinking about it? Me too.

I am a firm believer that your wedding vendors should bring only good to your special day. I also believe that you search for the best vendors for you but they also are looking for you. I know as a vendor that I have a certain type of bride that I want to work with. Sometimes you may meet a vendor that you do not click with. That is 100% okay. I once had someone tell me that finding the right vendor is like finding the perfect shoes. The shoes will be affordable with the money already in your account, in the right size and color options. Oh and they won't leave blisters.

Here are a few tips/ideas for finding that right vendor:

1. Research them, ask around and check out their portfolio. You should not even consider talking with a vendor if you are on the fence about their work. Ask other brides (that you trust) who have worked with that vendor. Their work should move you and make you excited! Their work will be front and center on your wedding day.

2. They should be excited about what they are doing and specifically your wedding. As a vendor, I love learning about my clients and their love story. It helps you understand a brides style, what makes her tick and how her wedding day should be. Your vendors should be happy, cheerful and have a mission to make your wedding day special. Do not settle for less no matter what your circumstance may be {i.e. budget, availability, travel}. You deserve a vendor who is excited to be working with you!

3. They should bring new creativity to your planning process plus wedding day. Make sure their vision is cohesive with yours. Your vendors should have fresh ideas to bring to the table while listening to what you have in mind. I love watching the wheels churn with vendors. Consult with them throughout your planning process then watch them bring it life.

4. You should be comfortable with them & confident in their abilities. Trust in their gifts. Let them work their magic. That is why you picked them. The best part about being a vendor is becoming friends with the bride and continuing that friendship after their wedding. Find comfort in your capable and excellent vendors.

5. I promise you will just know. I talked with numerous photographers as a planning bride. I was a bride who wanted a photographer who was different and met my budget requirements. I was realistic in who I spoke to in the beginning. When I stumbled upon, Steven Miles I was beyond thrilled. He was kind. He was creative. He was funny. He made Rusty and I feel so comfortable. I just knew he was the right photographer for me and I was not disappointed at all!

6. They should never tire of your questions (within reason y'all). I am on the receiving end of questions from brides. You should not overload a vendor with questions but if you have one ask. Your vendor should gladly answer any question you have. They may offer a solution you didn't think of. Just remember to be reasonable. Even though a vendor is not in a physical office building and may work from home does not mean you can contact them at 9 pm and expect a quick response. They have a home life. You should also not have a vendor who takes days to get back to you. Your vendors will be helpful and eager to assist.

No matter what vendors you pick whether 3 or 10, you deserve ones who believe in your vision and want to make your day special. Just like dating, pick the right one for you. The vendors selection process may take a while for you and that is okay. You are picking the individuals who are a part of your wedding day. It is a big deal! Enjoy picking them and do not let worry creep into the process. Have fun y'all!


I would love to hear from you! Let's encourage one another.