December 12, 2013

Making, Reading, Wanting + A Christmas Tree Picture

I originally saw this post done on The Day Book Blog. Side note: If you aren't reading Sydney's blog, go now. I give you full permission to leave right now and go to hers. Sydney is the perfect mix of mommy, wife, blogger, positive light and bohemian style. She gets an A in my book.

Making : a hot cup of coffee. My secret Santa at school treated me to vanilla coffee and it is delicious.

Cooking : yeah right. Cooking went out the window when I started teaching. Sorry R.

Drinking : coffee with a splash of peppermint mocha creamer. Peppermint mocha creamer, always a good decision.

Reading : Summer Sisters by Judy Blume. It comes highly recommended plus I got to meet Judy a few weeks ago.

Wanting : Christmas break to get here. I need a break.

Looking: at pictures of Christmas in New York. Surprised? I didn't think so either.

Playing: Bing Crosby Christmas radio.

Wasting: time that I need to get ready. It is okay though. I love early mornings and blogging. It makes for a heart warming combination.

Sewing: hopefully a cranberry garland for the tree.

Wishing: I had a record player. It is on the Christmas list.

Enjoying: the fact that I get to play a Christmas song for love song Friday tomorrow.

Waiting: for our school's Christmas concert today. I love watching our kids perform plus it is a Christmas theme. My favorite is Carol of the Bells. (They still sing it at the high school just like when I was there).

Liking: our new, big bed. It makes it harder to get up in the morning but gives us a reason to snuggle in a little longer.

Wondering: about starting a family.

Loving: this quiet morning. I love these quiet mornings and the glow of the computer.

Hoping: my kids ace their final. It means so much to me.

Marveling: at how much I love Rusty. The love for my husband is something I have a hard time putting into eloquent words. That man just makes everything happen. Everything.

Needing: girls night. I have one tonight with some of my favorite people. I seriously love my friends I have made with teaching. I just cannot explain how many times I have gone to them crying, rejoicing, excited, frustrated, exhausted and over joyed and they are right there with me. They know the right words to say, the perfect amount of squeeze to put into their hugs. They are so good for my soul. And let's just say they know how to throw a girls night...

Smelling: the cold morning air. I wish I could bottle it up.

Wearing: my favorite purple corduroy skinnies and thick gray sweater. More than likely I will have a stunning hair day with perfect curls and a pretty velvet bow adorning my main my hair in a pony tail. It is still yet to be decided.

Following: my favorite blogs. A few Hey Natalie Jean, the Day Book, Nancy Ray Photography, Lara Casey, A Fabulous Fete, A Beautiful Mess, A House in the Hills...I could go on for hours.

Noticing: how my style is becoming a style I love. A student told me yesterday that I dress like I am not 50 like the other teachers. Thank you sweet child, thank you.

Knowing: Christmas break is so close. What? I am already mentioned that? No.

Thinking: about acts of kindness I can give to others this time of year but also how I can continue it after the holidays. Ways to keep it going, you know.

Feeling: so gracious that our family is all traveling to us this year for Christmas and that we have a house perfect for hosting now.

Bookmarking: This post of holiday tablescapes by Jacin of Lovely Little Details. Everything Jacin touches is magic. I want to incorporate magnolia leaves straight from our yard into my tablescape for Christmas lunch. I love using things from the yard.

Opening: my bible. I thrive by spending time in God's word. I put on the armor every day. I want to make him proud.

Giggling: no giggles yet but I know my kids will make it happen today.

Feeling: so glad and thankful to be blogging. I love this space and I am glad you come here. Really, I couldn't do it without you guys.

Your turn now. :)

Image via Hey Natalie Jean

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