December 10, 2013

Elegant and Traditional Downtown Hotel Wedding

Hi friends. How are you? Really how are you? Do you feel overwhelmed already this month? I know I do.

Last night I was working on an article that could possibly be something big for me (possibly), on top of a grad school final and well, teaching children and preparing them for their final. A sweet friend called and I honestly was too busy to talk but answered anyway (I know. I am terrible but being truthful). We ended up talking and after a few minutes I really started to relax. She made everything better (which you usually always do Rachel) and I thought what am I stressing about. Honestly, get it together Katie.

I came to the realization that I need to edit more and not my lesson plans but life. I write posts about simplicity but like I have shared before I forget the definition so quickly. Then this morning I saw this video and boy did I start crying. The ugly cry. Yes, the video is an advertisement but such a challenge. What am I doing this holiday season to give to others? I have so much more to give others but I have to clear out the busy to get there. And I will. I am aware now. What do you do to keep the meaning of Christmas present always in your life?

So all that above has nothing to do with today's wedding. I am aware but I need to share it. Someone else needs to see it too. But I get to share a sweet couple! It is one of the biggest highlights of my day y'all!

Stefanie and Alan are a gorgeous couple that threw one heck of a celebration. And Stefanie's gown is stunning. Well, Stefanie is stunning all together but her gown is the perfect fit. Also, when I put traditional in the title of this post I mean traditional in the best way. I love couple's who celebrate their heritage and include it in their wedding day. It means so much and that is such a great gift to give guests too. Stefanie and Alan, thank you for creating a magical day and thank you to the lovely Blue Mason Photography team for sharing it with us.

Oh, and don't miss the belly dancer at their reception. Told you. Totally magical wedding.

{From the photographer}
Stefanie and Alan's wedding was classic and stunning. Their reception really tied in Alan's Lebanese culture! They were introduced and immediately held up in chairs while guests danced around them. The reception also included a belly dancer, bongo player and a dance floor full of friends and family!

{Vendors} Photographer: Blue Mason Photography // Reception Venue: Par-A-Dice Hotel // Submission : Two Bright Lights

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