August 8, 2013

Why I am Just Now Jumping on the Pinterest Train

I mean think about it. A Pinterest train. It would be:
  • part mythical creature
  • part DIY project
  • part make others feel bad because they cannot do all the DIY projects
  • part glitter
  • part unrealistic
Honestly it would be. For the better part of two years Pinterest has driven me nuts. Absolutely crazy. Bonkers. Repulsed. Irritated. Cranky Pants. Until recently...

You see this isn't one of those posts about how I cannot recreate the DIY projects or create the pinterest life (neither of which I can) and that makes me feel inadequate in life. (In no way am I mocking those post because I can 100% see where people can get that feeling of inadequacy from pinning). It is a post about how Pinterest has slowly made my life better. Happier, to be exact.

And we all want happy to stick around.

Can you believe that life existed without pinterest? Honestly. I mean two years ago when you went to a party it was a simple brunch for girlfriends that you crafted together the night before. And at that party, you didn't even utter the word Pinterest.

Now you went from brunch to a mimosa and monogram party with a hand stitched bunting banner, new recipe for your breakfast casserole, and new stenciling on your dining room wall all found on Pinterest. And isn't that great. I mean really. It is great if that is your thing. That is the big thing: is it your thing?

It hasn't been mine. And you know what the best part is? That is okay. It is okay to be late to the game.

Pinterest never made me feel inadequate or not talented. It was just odd for me. Originally when it started the inspiration was crazy town. I mean did you see some of the stuff pinned on there? How to declaw your kittens? 50 things to try while napping? I mean...what?

Pinterest is now my friend. My good girlfriend that we sometimes have a snack together but mostly we stick to coffee and wine. So other than happiness why am I starting to love Pinterest?

{I am starting to follow the right people}
You know it might offend some people when I don't follow them on Pinterest. Yes, I like you. Yes, you are pretty but your pin board bring no inspiration to my life. And that is okay. I am not on the baby bandwagon right now so your board of baby things doesn't interest me. One day I will follow that board but not right now. You may not want to see wedding inspiration but I promise we can still be friends through it all.

I love the boards and people I am following. Every time I log on I get to see places to travel, DIY projects, inspiration shoots, wedding gowns and paper goods. I love just looking through them all.

{It isn't as weird}
Y'all, I am not kidding you when I would get on Pinterest and some pinned how to clean your carpet. No one cares. I mean that with love but they don't. Pinterest is about inspiration and happiness and not carpeting cleaning.

{Mostly, I know now my style}
When it came to weddings and home, I loved trends. I did. I was a chevron junky. It was out of hand. (Again nothing wrong with trends. I am just realizing trends do nothing for me.)

But now, well, I know what my style is. I know what makes me tick. I know what to pin that will really inspire me and not make me question why I pinned it to begin with. I am coming off of the trend wagon. I am making my own flare for home, fashion, decor. About a week ago, I went through and started cleaning up my pin boards. I started organizing things and while I am not done, my pinterest page feels brand new. I love it y'all. I can actually click on one of my boards and be inspired. Isn't that what it is all about? Pretty, pretty inspiration.

So what are your thoughts on Pinterest? Do you like it? Do you actually use it for pinning things as a reminder to try them later? Spill the beans. I am new to it so more tips on how to use it are welcome. And in case you want to follow my inspiration station, you can right here. And a few favorite pinners that I love to follow are Burnett Boards, The Every Girl and Bridal Musings (who has over 3 million followers. Crazy!)

-In no way did Pinterest pay me for this post. All opinions are my own.-

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