August 9, 2013

Love Song Friday, Volume 107

Anyone else notice how the past two Love Song Friday's (here and here) were both Volume 6? For some reason I thought we needed two volumes versus one. Regardless, the music was fantastic in both. Just call me DJ Katie Did. No?

So how are things? Good? Crazy? Eeh? I am happy to report I am sneaking away for one last trip to the lake this weekend. Just me and my book collection. Well, Rusty too. Ha!

I just wrapped up my first two classes of grad school and that makes me feel like a million bucks so why not celebrate the same way? Just not spend a million bucks.

Monday: Sunny & Classic + Vera Wang Honolulu Wedding
Tuesday: Sunset Wheat and Vintage Engagement Session
Wednesday: Coral and Beachfront Charleston Wedding
Thursday: Why I am Just Now Jumping on the Pinterest Train

Link Lovelies
Don't miss these inspiring words about being kind to others on Cup of Jo

A gorgeous aqua and striped sock wedding on Bridal Musings. You will love it!

Tips for hosting a crafting party at home! I think this would be so fun even for those of us (me) who doesn't craft very well :)

I don't think I have mentioned Meshali Mitchell Photography on this blog yet. If you are getting married, book her now. She will travel all over and her photos are breathtaking. I mean so good it makes your heart smile. Just the latest sampling of an engagement session!

Anyone else watch the Bachelorette finale on Monday? Raising hand. I actually took a break from everything to watch this. And have a glass of wine.

Thoughts on Des and Chris? I have always like Chris but man oh man, Brooks. I mean...just Brooks. I am sad they are not together. But in girl world, I really am thrilled Des found such a great guy. I adore the way Chris looks at Des. :)

Since I am a little extra mushy and recovering from the most dramatic rose ceremony ever I thought why not play a little Matt White.

My favorite lyric...

It is just you and I against the world.

That just melts my heart y'all. Happy Friday!

Image via Tan Bui Photography

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