August 5, 2013

Sunny & Classic + Vera Wang Honolulu Wedding

Today's wedding is absolutely fabulous. I mean bursting at the seams good. I am thrilled to share it with you. More importantly, Miki and Aaron planned a wedding that not only made them happy but a wedding that was centered around family and friends.

Miki and Aaron met on the production set of Lost. Yes, you read that right. They eventually moved away together, got engaged and then planned a gorgeous and classic Hawaiian wedding. Since many guests were traveling great distances to attend their wedding in Hawaii, these two created a long weekend of activities together so that guests got the true Hawaiian experience.

Things to love:
  • a ukele filled reception
  • a weekend of fun
  • gold chairs
  • palm trees
  • stunning couple photographs
  • chalkboard signs
  • Hawaiian traditions
These two have one heck of a love story and their wedding will make your heart sing! Rachel Robertson Photography we are so fortunate you shared this couple with us! :)

{From the bride}
How did you meet and how long did you date?We have been together since 2005, got engaged in July 2011, and married in Oct. 2012. We met during the second season of ABC's 'LOST'. Aaron had just arrived to Hawaii and was experimenting with working in the Film/Television business, where he eventually found a Job as a Production assistant on LOST. Although we were working in different departments, I was in locations and he was in the Production Office. We frequently ran into each other as he was the office tech guru and lunch runner. He got lunch for everybody including me! We hadn't started dating until the end of the season around the time he decided to start his career in Finance. Prior to that however, I had no idea he was interested and even tried setting him up with some of my friends! Towards the end of the season I had asked Aaron for a CD of paperwork to finish up filing reports. When I checked the CD, there were three icons: call sheets, production reports, and 'Read me Miki'. I opened the last file and read the text, "Can I take you to dinner?" I was so surprised I started blushing! I immediately walked out of my office toward him and accepted his date proposal. We have been together since.

{Proposal details please!}
Aaron Moved to Tokyo for his job and I stayed in Hawaii to continue my career working in the film industry. We did long distance for a while but eventually I moved to Tokyo to be with him and put my career on hold. We spent a few years in Tokyo, but both realized Hawaii was our home we would eventually return to. While living in Tokyo, we took a vacation back to Hawaii in July 2011. We decided to go on one of the hikes we always enjoyed which was Kokohead, on the east side of the island.

To deviate from our usual hiking route straight up the mountain, Aaron suggested we hike along the ridge to the pillbox located at the top. We started at the Botanical Gardens and ventured up the mountain to the ridge. The winds were very strong that day so we were unsure if we were going to be able to make it to the top. So strong, in fact, I had to crouch down and cling on to the cliff to prevent from being blown off to Sandy Beach below!

We were almost to the top when we had to venture around one last boulder. I was scared at this point and suggested turning back. Aaron continued ahead to check the conditions on the other side of the boulder. I was worried and called out his name but there was no response. Thankfully, he reappeared a minute later and agreed it was too windy to continue and was better to go back.

Before heading back down, he sat me down so I could catch my breath and rest. I sat down and out of nowhere he pulled out a ring from his board shorts and proposed! I was so caught off guard and surprised! I could have fallen off the mountain; fortunately Aaron was there to catch me!

{What attracted you to the wedding venue}
We didn’t want an indoor wedding in Hawaii and we wanted a venue that was not a common wedding venue for locals. Also, we wanted our mainland and international guests to enjoy real Hawaii. We wanted a private location and Dillingham Ranch was the perfect venue. It just opened back up for weddings after 5 years of renovations. Everything was new on the property so it looked very different from when I knew if from filming TV at that location. We scouted the area with the Ranch Wedding Coordinator and immediately booked our wedding date.

{Did you have any events prior to or after the ceremony, rehearsal dinner?}
The Friday before the wedding, we had a beach fun day at Waimea Bay. Our Best Man and his fiancé, one of my bridesmaids, live on Iliohu Pl, so from their backyard Aaron and his best man took two stand ups and paddled around the corner into Waimea Bay. Guests were able to try stand-up paddling for the first time and play in the blue waters. It was the perfect day, sunny, calm, and even my 11 month old Boxer pup was able to swim and go on the stand up with us.

That evening we had the rehearsal at Dillingham Ranch. Then afterwards we had dinner at our favorite restaurant in Haleiwa, Café Haleiwa. They served family style for 30 people, homemade gnocchi, fresh kale salad, lamb chops...everything is amazing there!

After dinner we all drove to Turtle Bay and had a meet and greet with our guests at Surfer Bar for the evening. The bar was open to the public but because the majority of the guests were staying at Turtle Bay Resort, it was like we had a private party and DJ for us. The day after the wedding we had a casual bbq at our house up on Pupukea. We were finally able to talk and mingle with guests because we were unable to do so at the wedding. It was an amazing weekend!

{Tell us about your wedding theme and ideas}
Living in Hawaii, I love the color of the vibrant flowers of coral but I wanted to incorporate gold with it to keep it sophisticated, elegant, and add new antique color to fit the newly renovated venue. I wanted to have mercury glass, chandeliers, vintage frames, and concentrate on lighting and flowers to accent.

{What did you envision for your event, color palette, decor etc?}
We wanted our gets to be entertained and really enjoy their time at the wedding and Hawaii in general. Half the guests have never been to Hawaii so we wanted to have events before and after the wedding day along with lots of entertainment during the wedding that they would probably only get at a Hawaii Wedding.

It was important for us to hire people/friends we knew to be a part of our wedding. The Ukulele playing 10 year old, Aidan James, is the son of a co-worker of Aaron and mine when we both worked on “Lost”, as is the MC. The DJ was a friend of the MC, Sean D. We also had Silk Aerial performers during cocktail hour from Samadhi Hawaii. One of my girl friends was taking silk classes and we thought it would be nice if she were able to perform at the wedding. She is not part of the troupe but they allowed her to so a little number and surprised us at the wedding.

{Any DIY projects?}
A lot of the decor for the wedding was DIY. The photo frames that were displayed on the cocktail tables were spray painted with the help of my bridesmaids. About a week before the wedding, the girls flew in. It was a time for them to get to know each other so we enjoyed conversation, wine, chocolate while painting the frames. They also made the wedding signs that we placed out on the highway at the turn into the venue. All of my bridesmaids were chosen because they were my best friends from each stage of my life and it means a lot that they all felt the same about each other after the week’s festivities.

{What was the highlight of your celebration?}
The whole day went perfectly and exceeded both or our expectations. Everyone enjoyed the food and drinks, and danced all night long. It was not a destination wedding for us, but my family came from NY, Aaron’s from LA, and we had friends from Tokyo, Honk Kong, Australia, and other parts of the US. All of them to come to Hawaii for us was the best feeling!

{Vendors} Photographer: Rachel Robertson Photography / Videographer: Hot Hawaiian / Venue: Dillingham Ranch Hawaii / Gown: Vera Wang / Bridesmaids Attire: BEBE / Groom & Groomsmen Attire: Celebrity Tuxedo / Caterer: Beaches and Backyards Catering / Event Planner: Ever After Events / Florist: Watanabe Floral / Makeup Artist: Flaunt / Officiant: Donna Groman / Submission: Two Bright Lights

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