August 2, 2013

Love Song Friday, Volume 106 + Thoughts on Growing Older

So Saturday is an important day. 26 years ago I was born. Holy cow? 26 y'all. I reemember acting like I was 26 in my play pretend childhood. 26 was cool. I guess that makes me cool now. I was really excited about turning 25 but 26 is just weird. Not quiet 30 but not 25. Limbo really.

Regardless, I made a promise to myself that this is my year. And every year after that. From this post, you can understand why I made this promise. It is a new time. And aren't you thankful that God gives us new days? I am. I literally have days where I cry because people cannot drive. I take driving seriously. Apparently overly seriously. :)

My point is that I get to celebrate a new age. I am thrilled for what is ahead of me this year. I feel like every year a new surprise comes along. It holds true this past year. So with 25 we...
  • moved twice
  • sold our home
  • paid two payments on places to live until said house sold
  • lived a part for a little over a month
  • got new jobs (2 a piece. We like to over achieve or move a lot. However you look at it)
  • sold a ton of our stuff
  • downsized like crazy people
  • lived more intentionally
  • paid off more debt
Just imagine what I can do with 26. Buckle up buttercup.

Also I plan to celebrate my birthday morning with spudnuts. Not sure what a spudnut is? More here. It is better than Dunkin Donuts, cronut madness, Krispy Kreme. Maybe even heaven? Just kidding on that last one.

Final note, that picture up above is of my first or second dance recital. I thought it went well with today's post. The other cheeky gal is one of my best friends to this day, Laura. She is just traveling the world and currently living in China. You know. Totally normal these days.

Monday: Gorgeous Spring & Sunshine Illinois Engagement Session
Tuesday: Intimate Countryside & Tuscan Villa Wedding
Wednesday: Pin Up Glam Engagement Session
Thursday: August Goals

Link Lovelies
Have you read this blog yet? I am officially the newest fan club member for A House in the Hills. I cannot get enough.

I really want letters like this for my classroom. Officially taking applicants who can make them. Will pay you with good music and baked goods. 

I am so excited for today's love song. Well, it is really more of a looking for a new man song. If that is you, you clicked on the right blog today. Welcome to the party Honey Cone Want Ads. I heard this song recently on a little road trip with my mom and the dance moves just came from out of nowhere. It was a good time y'all. This song just gets your foot tapping. Foot tapping = a good Friday.

Wanted: young man, single and free....

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