July 18, 2013

A Simpler Life & That Nagging To-Do List

To be honest, I have no idea where this post is going but my goodness I just want to write. We all know that I am one to share what is going on in my life. I like to be open. If not for your sake then mine.

I am struggling. I am really struggling. Does it ever feel like life is just passing us by? I have felt so rushed lately. I cannot get my bearings and things are moving at lightening speed.

A few weeks ago I was offered a new job teaching Journalism. While I am beyond excited to start, I have spent a good deal of time running around trying to get things done. If you know me, you know that I like organization and a schedule. These new to-do items have been throwing me off 100%. I have found myself stressed. And overwhelmed. And doubting myself that I can teach high school students. And nervous. Then back to oh so thrilled that I have been given this opportunity.

With all this I have faintly heard God whisper, "I am enough Katie." And he is. Beyond a doubt, he is enough.

You know I can lose focus so easily from Christ. And why is that? I know that I haven't discussed my faith in whole on this blog but I believe in God and am thankful to walk beside him every day. I make no apologies for that. I work on my faith. I read his word. I am a sinner saved by his perfect grace and goodness do I need it.

I have been praying for a spirit of constant worship. A spirit that is fixed on him. And when I stick with it, it is freeing. But then I let my to-do list creep back in. You know he doesn't punish me for that. He just continues to work with me. Thankful, very thankful for that.

It all comes back to a word that you have seen in my monthly goals post, simplify. Just because I have a lot to do doesn't mean that life cannot be simple. It is time to reset and I am learning that admitting that is okay. Yesterday I woke up in a funk so I got back in bed and started my morning over again. Round one I checked my email, social media and my list of stuff to get done then started stumbling around. Round two I read my devotional, stayed off social media, cuddled Jane and stretched. Round two was so much nicer.

Simplicity is obviously my word for 2013. I am learning by many examples. One being, we have a Keriug that I l-o-v-e. I am the only coffee drinker in my house so it is perfect for me. I use the refillable filter and put my own coffee in versus buying the k-cups. It helps save money although the k-cups are so easy to use. One very easy way to simplify is cleaning out the filter when I am done. That makes it ready for the next time I need it. I had no idea how much this little action could make life better. So what else could we be doing to make like simpler? Laying out your clothes the night before? Setting aside a specific time every day to finally tackle your inbox? Or is it larger things like downsizing the stuff in your home? Finally letting go of a friendship that brings you down?

What every makes life easier, better, happier, simpler, more enjoyable...do it. Find it and do it. He is right there with you. And boy is he proud of you.

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  1. Beautiful post Katie. I hope you can maintain that simplified life, make it a priority. Sometimes I just have to MAKE myself stop and just exist...not accomplish...just exist. Sit with the girls, paint with the girls, be ok if the house isn't clean, learn to play.

    Very hard for people with our temperament...learn it early and practice it daily.

    Love you, Debora


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