June 24, 2013

Sunny Yellow and Gray Seattle Wedding

Rise and shine friends! Monday is here and I have a pretty little list of things that I need to get done. But my weekend, well, it was awesome! I had such a good time with plenty of rest in between. How was your weekend?

Today's wedding has so many images because it is just too good not to include them all. Cory Parris Photography captured Stephanie and Kalani wedding day in beautiful Seattle. I am a big fan of a yellow and gray color palette and all the details in this gorgeous wedding. Stephanie and Kalani are so fun! Their outdoor ceremony is full of family traditions and sunshine plus the reception is full of good dancing. This pair is going to make you smile! :)

{From the photographer}
Stephanie works in digital marketing as an Account Director. Her previous job moved her out to Seattle, WA from Kansas City, MO back in 2005. Being the only member of her family to move out of the Midwest at the time, Stephanie's family was not too happy about her decision to move several years ago; however, once she met Kalani they knew she had made the right choice!

Kalani is a Project Manager at a cabinet, door and hardware company. Kalani's family moved to Seattle from Hawaii when he was 13 years old, and while he loves the beaches and warm weather of Hawaii he's glad the move eventually lead him to his soul-mate. Kalani loves snow boarding and seeing any music show he can drag Stephanie to (she only likes the ones she can sing along to).

Stephanie was initially drawn to Kalani’s smile and his confidence. She liked his outgoing personality and charm and found him impossible to resist. He is also the most deeply caring, goodhearted person she has ever met. It was Stephanie’s positive outlook that Kalani loved. She can put a smile on his face no matter what! She has a warm personality, is motivated and loving, and is a beautiful person. Kalani says he loved Stephanie from their very first date. And after he saw her effortlessly warm the hearts of his friends and family, it was apparent he had found the person he was meant to spent the rest of his life with.

Kalani and Stephanie met through mutual friends at a get-together just over 3 years ago. Even though the two caught each other's eye Kalani had to leave early so Stephanie enlisted the help of her friend to set-up another happy hour and make sure Kalani attended. Her plan was obvious: Kalani knew exactly what the two were up to or at least hoped they we were up to. Stephanie's plan worked -- the two talked for hours at that next happy hour and were even holding hands before the night was over. They've been inseparable ever since.

{Vendors} Photographer: Cory Parris Photography, Inc. / Officiant: A Heavenly Ceremony / DJ: Bugsie Productions / Cake Designer: Sharon's Catering & Cakes / Event Planner: Shindig Events / Floral Designer: Valentina's Floral Design / Submission: Two Bright Lights

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