June 21, 2013

Love Song Friday, Volume 104

Hey y'all. It is Friday. I am currently on the streets of El Dorado hitting up garage sales. I have an itch to redo a piece of furniture and give it away. Just call me crazy. I feel like today is going to be random. I had a random breakfast. I have random thoughts. I have a random hair do. Well, it is actually how it looks every day i.e. not styled, in a ponytail. Let's just cover the random thoughts:

1. I want a vacation. Rusty and I already have a date picked but we cannot decide on where. We need options and suggestions. We don't want to spend an arm and a leg but we prefer all inclusive (hello room service). We also don't want to go to Mexico (the road traveled two times already). Are you brains churning? Send away.

2. I got to see an ultrasound for the first time yesterday. Like a for real heart beating, ribs developing, face a bit blurry ultrasound. My sister-in-law is welcoming her 5th baby this winter and she asked me to come with her today. She is trying to feed my I want a baby disease (well not disease but you get what I am saying). It was incredible. I cried and then bumped my head. In that order.

3. Do you like this blog? I have a dear friend (love to sweet Alexandra) who challenges me. I mean her blog is flawless. Her goals are obvious. She is taking the world by storm but a total happy storm. She asked me the direction of this blog. Uh, good question. I like weddings and love. It will always remain. What do you guys think? Maybe I should create a survey. Fashion? Recipes? Life with love and weddings and glitter mixed in? Again, I need those thoughts people.

4. Thank goodness for Friday. And coffee. And moo moo's to sleep in. And family dinners. And big kid responsibilities like vehicle registration. The last one is a complete joke.

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Thursday: From One Past Bride to A Planning Bride

I am in a country mood. These don't happen very often but today it did. I just love Eric Church's Springsteen. It gets me in the mood for summer. Let music take you to a new place today. You are loved friends! See you peaches on Monday :)

Image via Cory Parris Photography

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