April 25, 2013

Blogiversary Q & A: Where To Now and Other Questions?

I am constantly getting questions in my inbox about life, my relationship with Rusty, why I started this blog, business advice and more. I have to say that I love getting your questions. I thought this post would help and be fun. We like fun here. I thought today would be a great day for tackling your questions! Hey, thanks for always writing me!

{What are your plans for Lovebird Productions?}
To be honest, I want to stay here (in a sense). I want to continue to grow, achieve and reach new heights but I want to be a Lovebird gal forever. I hope to keep blogging and growing this blog. I love this space. I love it a lot.

{Tell us more about your new job.}
I L-O-V-E it. I love my co-workers. I love the work that I do. I believe in what I do. I am so lucky. I am the Marketing Coordinator and Chiropractic Assistant for a Maximized Living office. I get to be on social media all day plus interact with patients.

{Do you plan on blogging forever?}
Well, yes. I love it. I love weddings. I love relationships. I love love. Plus this blog is my creative outlet and who can exist without one of those?

{What about blogging when you have a baby?}
I hope to keep going but with a baby in my lap. A little Lovebird baby. Ha!

{Speaking of baby, when are you going to have one?}
I hope this doesn't sound mean but I quit asking this question to women. I have learned that there are things we don't know and shouldn't know when it comes to women having babies. I never want to make someone feel bad about having a babe. But to answer your question, we are starting to have moments when we think about it. I think God is preparing our hearts for one. Maybe in a few years we will be ready. We are not trying at this time.

{How do you like Arkansas? How was the move?}
The move stinks but I am a pro at moving (at least in my mind). I love being back closer to home. It was one of the best decisions we have made. There is no looking back!

{What is your favorite wine?}
I love a sweet white or red but I know sweet wines are not the best for your waist line. Cupcake Moscato is hands down the best. I do love organic reds too. I love mixing wine with fresh fruit juice like sparkling wine with a squeeze of grapefruit.

{What other dreams do you have?}
I aspire to write a book. I have started quite a few but have not finished one. Did I just admit that out loud? I want to be a Mum. I want to do more charity work with pups. I love dogs. I really love dogs. I want to love deeper and spend more time getting laugh lines.

{What is your favorite color?}
Pink. Gray. White. Black. Blue. Blush. Turquoise. I cannot pick just one.

{What is one thing a bride should never go without?}
A great maid of honor, a fab videographer + photographer and a stress free wedding day. Do whatever it takes to make your wedding day stress free. Whether that means hiring a wedding planner to do it all, eloping or not inviting your crazy Aunt. Do what it takes. Oh, a killer dress that makes you feel like a babe is a must too.

{Do you miss videography?}
Not one bit. Is that crazy or too honest? I really don't. Guys, it was getting bad. I literally had to set hours of no excuse time to get weddings completed (editing, design the DVD cover, printing, mailing filming). I do miss editing but not the actual all day filming part.

{What do you like to do for fun?}
Spend time with my family and friends. Shop. Take bitty to the dog park (this is a new favorite). Wine tastings. Farmer's market trips. Yoga. Reading. Laughing. Watching any home improvement or murder mystery show. Sunday afternoon's on a patio in the sunshine.

{How is that whole Vegan thing coming?}
For the most part good. I am trying it for a month. I have broken it a time or two for things like pizza out with friends or a coffee popsicle. It amazes me how I have taken dairy out of my diet then added it back in and gotten sick. That just doesn't seem right to me. Everything you should eat should be natural, give you energy and make you feel good. Diary just doesn't do that for me. Do not get me wrong. I have cravings for bad foods all the time. I dream about cupcakes and cheese but I also know that it will hurt my stomach. I choose.

{Any fun summer vacations planned?}
Why yes! I am spending a week with my family this summer. I am so excited! I am also looking to go to the lake as often as possible. I love our lake house. Love it. Oh man, I am ready to go. Besides that, nothing exciting. I started a new job so vacation days are not in my future. I do get to travel with my job though and that really excites me!

{What is a good piece of advice for someone wanting to start a business?}
Give it your all, research your market, know your clients and be nice. Being nice is probably the biggest thing. Nice people make it so much further in the world. Know your market. Do the written work i.e. business plan & marketing agenda plus the foot work i.e. meeting other vendors & going out in the community.Work hard and love what you do. Your passion for what you do will always win.

{What does your husband do now?}
My husband is a Fleet Manager for Tyson. He coordinates drivers and loads getting to their destination on time and at the most cost effective way as possible. He loves his new job a lot!

{What is there to do in Arkansas?}
Call me crazy but you should totally vacation here. This town and all of Arkansas is gorgeous. We have lakes, rivers, fishing, camping, scenic views, shopping, antiques, historic spas and amazing food! Do it. Come to Arkansas and hang out with me. :)

{Did you date a lot before meeting Rusty?}
Not a lot. I was always a relationship gal. I didn't date just to date. I dated people who were looking for the same things as me. Yes, there were a few questionable ones in the mix but I turned out with the best man ever! Rusty came along right when I gave up. I know that is so cliche but I decided to focus on me and building a career then came Rusty. His timing and God's was ideal. I love my husband so much!

This post was a lot of fun to write. Thank you for celebrating with me guys! I hope you have a fab Thursday! If you have any questions email hello@lovebirdproductions.com.


  1. I love this Katie! :)

    1. So glad! Thank you for reading Meag :)

  2. Great post! My parents LOVE going to Arkansas for vacations - they say there is good fishing ;-)


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