April 26, 2013

Love Song Friday, Volume 98

Can we just take a moment to talk about how much I love New York? I didn't think you would mind. I have a handful of blogs that I read everyday but bloggers who snap photos of this lovely city are at the top of my list. Sigh, I ache for this city. I miss the sounds. I miss the lights. I miss the busyness. I miss the good food. I miss the various cultures. I miss the music. I miss the horn honking. I miss the charming door stoops. I miss it all. Oh New York. You have a piece of my heart.

///Lovely Week Recap\\\
Monday: Romantic and Snowy Minnesota Engagement Session
Tuesday: Intimate Italian Bride and Groom Session
Wednesday: Blogiversary Week: Lovebird Productions Turns Two
Thursday: Blogiversary Q & A: Where To Now and Other Questions?

///Link Love\\\
The yummiest looking Margarita recipe on The Sweetest Occasion
Limn and Lovely is sharing free, gorgeous and organic table numbers and escort cards
This stunning post by Sarah at Fairy Tales Are True is a must read - I am so glad I didn't get what I wanted in life at 21

A big thank you to everyone who emailed, texted, called and fb me happy blogiversary wishes! These past two years are something I cannot perfectly describe but if I had to try the best word would be joyous. I have learned a lot about my writing style, business, blogging, balance and struggles. Thank you for reading this blog and encouraging me. Thank you from the tips of my toes to the top of my head. Happy!

When is the last time you heard the name James Blunt? In years? Me too. His song I'll Be Your Man is catchy and sweet. It needs to be added to the soundtrack of my life. What? Don't act like you don't have the soundtrack of your life. This song is quirky, upbeat and the perfect addition to this rainy Friday. Happy weekend loves!

Image via Nat the Fat Rat

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