November 1, 2012

Q & A: Why Veggies Lady?

Well good morning lovely! It is me, Katie. Who else did you think it was? Can you believe it is already Thursday and the first of November. I am not even sure where October went? Sound the trumpets for Q & A Thursday! Side note: One day I will make a little jingle/horn salute for Thursday's posts.

I hope that you all are recovering from your Halloween adventures and candy coma. I was a good little girl this year and didn't give in to the candy temptation all around me. I stuck with chocolate chip cookie dough instead. See the difference? Yeah, me neither. I have to say that growing up I didn't really celebrate Halloween so it is always fun to see all the creative costumes people come up with. I am not very creative so a simple cow costume blows my mind! Also this year we were in the city limits (new home versus country home) and actually got trick or treaters at our house. It was so much fun! Kids are so interesting.

Now to the whole reason you stopped by, question and answer time.

Q. What made you become a vegetarian after a lifetime of eating meat?

A. Can I be honest? I didn't watch a documentary or read a book. I literally was sitting at the dinner table with my mom and husband one night and just blurted it out. I hadn't even thought about it until that moment. Sometimes I find myself blurting various things out and this time it was a declaration to not eat meat.

My always supportive husband laughed and patted my hand like sure dear. That night I just decided to give up meat. I grew up on meat. My Dad can fry a catfish better than anyone around and my mom dominates grilled hamburgers. Chicken was a staple in my diet and I LOVED tuna and crackers. I literally ate meat for 24 years of my life and for those who don't know this, I just celebrated my 25th birthday so a lifetime of meat. I always ate meat in moderation but I never craved it (minus the tuna).

Might I also add that I don't like vegetables so the decision to only eat fruits, veggies, grains and some dairy surprised me. I can remember growing up hating green beans. My mom use to make me finish my 5 green beans on my plate and I literally made a nightly production out of it. Becoming a vegetarian makes you more daring with recipes. I started realizing that what I hated as a 7 year old, I absolutely loved as a 25 year old i.e. green beans and cucumber.

This first week I tried just grilled fish and shrimp but after one week decided to go cold turkey. Guys, it was such a good decision. Here are a few other reasons as to why I decided to give up meat plus some of the benefits I am seeing from a developing a vegetarian lifestyle.

1. New recipes. New recipes may be my favorite part of going vegetarian. I have loved all the new recipes I am getting to try. It is so interesting to learn to cook without meat. The grill is my best friend but I also love to roast vegetables.

2. Healthy horse right here. Well not 100% but I am getting there. One of the biggest struggles I dealt with when first becoming vegetarian was replacing my meat consumption with tons of dairy products. Dairy isn't the best for you and I was eating cheese by the block. I am slowly pulling away from the dairy and sticking to more whole grains, fresh vegetables and fruit. There are no surprises in my diet.

A few weeks ago everyone at the office I work in started getting sick. It started with one person and made its way around the office. I knew I was going to get sick. I have a very weakened immune system and if it is going around, I will get it. I was just waiting for the back aches and the stuffy nose but it never came. I watched all my co-workers get sick and I never once felt bad. Now I am not saying it has to do with eating mostly vegetables but I know it helped. Since I am trying to eat all natural foods and no preservatives, it really did help me fight off an illness. I was so surprised because I have been getting sick (more than most people) all my life. It just goes to show that your diet really does matter.

3. I feel great. I really do. I have more energy and I am happier. A big perk!

4. My children. This is one of the biggest reasons. No matter what I eat, I want to be healthy for my children. I want to be around to watch them grow. I don't have kids yet (just Jane dog) but I want to set a good example for them. I know the first few years of their life are vital for their nutrition. I don't want to let them down when it comes to be healthy and active little humans.

5. My families heart history. This was also a huge deciding factor. Meat, more specifically red meat, has been linked to poor heart health. My family has a history of heart defects or conditions. Why not make a simple decision to better my heart? It kind of seemed like a no-brainer.

6. Animal love. This is my hippie answer but I really don't like what they do to the animals. A majority of farmers are looking to make more money by producing more products. Cows and chickens are given hormones to grow bigger and faster. They are pushed to do more. Guess what? Then you ingest all the hormones the chickens have been stuffed with. So if it makes the chickens grow larger then what is it doing to you? Just a thought.

Now after reading all of this are you interested? The best thing to do is educate yourself on any life change you make whether it be vegan, gluten free or vegetarian. I do have a couple of go-to sources that you should bookmark not only if you want to become vegetarian but just for a healthier you. These are my favorites:

1. The Realistic Nutritionist: I am obsessed with this blog. I read it every day. Claire offers so many selections for you. From tasty gluten free desserts to salmon goodness to veggie only recipes, she has vivid pictures and just like her name, realistic options.

2. Skinny Bitch: This is a new one to me. I started reading this book and am not all the way done but it has kicked my butt. I recommend this book for all types of eaters. Rory Freedman and Kim Barnouin put you in your place really quick. They show you medically what food does to your body. It is mind blowing but you do need tough skin before reading this book. Like I said, it is kicking my butt.

3. Forks Over Knives: This documentary is so good. It not only covers eating more vegetables but a more whole food, plant based diet. It is really, really interesting.

I hope this has been a bit more helpful. I want to start getting back to more wedding related topics for our Q & A sessions on Thursday. Cheers to be happy and healthy!


  1. I did not know you are a vegetarian. I lean that way...but every once in a while my husband makes the best ribs that I simply can refuse. I would say most of my diet is veggie though. I'd like to go complete, but I don't think my husband would ever give up meat so that would make our meal time pretty hard. I'm assuming your husband hasn't given up do you do it?

    1. Surprise :)

      Rusty is still very much a steak and potatoes guy. It really hasn't been a problem to cook for us both. I do have to get a little creative. Touching meat or cooking it doesn't bother me. It actually makes me more glad I decided to do what I did! Lol

  2. Awww, this is a really lovely post. I am always curious about people's food choices. Glad you shared yours! I recently discovered I'm allergic to dairy products and am having difficulty cutting it out of my diet. Oh diets, why so complicated :P Thanks for visiting my blog, yours is a gem!



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