October 31, 2012

Lovebird Spotting: Lace and Randy

Happy Halloween friends! You all remember this sweet couple here and their love story? Lace and Randy are such a special couple. From the moment I talked with Lace on the phone to finally meeting her in person, she has become a dear friend. I always look forward to our email chats and am very excited to be a part of her wedding day this Saturday.

Even though I have shared their love story once, I want to show it to you again plus include a few questions that Lace answered for me that are not included in their clip.

Details about your wedding. Date, color scheme, theme, location… 

Our wedding is going to be on November 3, 2012, which is opening weekend of deer season. (Some of you may understand the grief I have been given over this date) It will be at the Admiral Nimitz Museum in Fredericksburg, TX where my family lives. It’s such a quaint little antique town, and I hope all of our guests get to enjoy a mini-vacation there for our wedding. Our color scheme for our wedding is charcoal grey and ivory. I wanted to keep things simple and elegant with colors that are timeless. The theme of the wedding is sort of glamour vintage. My sister and I have spent many hours decorating chandeliers and vases with crystals, lace and beads, and the best part is the boys will be wearing suspenders which I’m oh so excited about.

And Lace's words of wisdom:
The best advice I could give to other brides would be to try and get as much done as soon as possible. I think I handled the stress pretty well, but once the last month and half came along, it felt as if I had a million things on my plate even though I did so much early on. Of course, don’t forget to breath. It will all work out, and you will honestly reach a place where all of the little details are not quite so important anymore. Keep that final goal in mind: being married to the love of your life.
And now for more pretty pictures by Delightful Dimples:

And lastly their sweet story again:


  1. First up, Lace is such a pretty name! Secondly, I love her e-shoot/video outfits! :)

    1. She does have fabulous style and I love her long hair!

  2. Replies
    1. I agree! They are so sweet together too! :)


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