November 2, 2012

Love Song Friday, Volume 76

Can it really be November? This year just seems to have flown by. I wonder if I will say that every year. Maybe it is this old age. Ha! I mean I do find myself saying things my parents use to say that I would roll my eyes about. Regardless, I am so ready for Fall. Surprisingly our weather felt so chilly at the beginning of the week but in true Texas fashion the temperatures are in the 80's again. I love the Holiday cups at Starbucks. I get to visit New York in a few weeks. I love the leaves. I love the smell of the air. Autumn, you make me happy!

{This lovely week on LBP}
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Tuesday: Apple Orchard Fall Engagement Session
Wednesday: Lovebird Spotting: Lace and Randy
Thursday: Q & A: Why Veggies Lady? <- P.s. This post got a ton of hits which makes me wonder if I should be worried. You all seem to care more about personal posts than wedding stuff. Did I pick the wrong blog theme? Ha!

I LOVE today's song and I think it is the perfect song to send you into your work day and the weekend. Calvin Harris' Feel So Close just gets me dancing and I am an excellent dancer. That last part was pure sarcasm but you get it. Now what I tell you to do next is a command and I tend to be bossy. Turn up your speakers. Kick off your heels. Pull your hair up. Press play and dance away. Happy Friday sweets!

Feel so Close by Calvin Harris on Grooveshark

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