August 13, 2012

Welcome to My Closet Y'all

Well hello there and happy Monday! Today I have such a fun post to share! You all know the wonderful Cris of Kiss My Tulle. We recently had a big brainstorming dinner (cupcakes were involved). We were talking about doing a little video series here and there about different aspects of wedding planning.

We started talking about wedding wardrobe. Each time us gals get an invitation in the mail for a wedding our first or second thought is typically what to wear. A light bulb went off and we decided to rework our closets. Instead of hitting the mall or our favorite store we wanted to take a look through our wardrobe and make something work. We not only get to save money, use clothes that have been tucked away but also have fun.

Now we need your help! Yes you silly. We want you to help with our outfit selections. If you are interested in picking out my outfit then head over to Kiss my Tulle's Facebook Page to see my options and leave your vote. Interested in voting for Cris? Visit Lovebird Productions Facebook Page and leave your mark. We are going all out on the destination weddings for Cris. Here are her three options:

1. Viva Las Vegas - Want to see Cris in a sequined unitard? Ha! Just kidding. But who doesn't love a Vegas affair?

2. Rocky Mountain - Pretty mountains, cooler temperatures, a floral headpiece and bare feet. Sigh. South Texas I am still waiting on your cooler temps.

3. Vineyard - Cris may have a little bit of experience with this one but it is such a fun idea.

Welcome to the Wedding Closet requires your help and we wouldn't have it any other way. Ladies, we can make affordable and cute outfits with what we already have. Voting last's from today until next Monday. You better work, Supermodel. No closet post is complete without a Ru Paul reference and a Ru Paul reference on a Monday morning is even better. Man, it is going to be a great week! :)


  1. SO very, very glad that I do not own a sequined unitard. SO IS THE WORLD.

  2. I seriously love this! You guys are too cute! And I'm always all about saving money :-) Can't wait to see the looks!!!


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