August 15, 2017

August Goals

Yes, I totally know that it is the middle of August but this post is still getting a lot of love from me.

Friends, I was scrolling back through these goal posts and realized I have been writing them since 2011. It makes me laugh to read pre-baby goal posts compared to what they tend to look like now. Overall though, my goals are simple, realistic, obtainable. I feel like that is the only way to really feel a sense of accomplishment plus offer yourself a little grace if things don't happen how you intended. Plus you all tend to hold me accountable and I cannot say thank you enough for that!

I also would like to throw in that this post would be even sweeter if you listened to this playlist. It is my current favorite and is really driving home the last few weeks of summer. Even in a corporate office, I am still finding that it makes me happy.

So what does August hold for me? Well, the biggest thing is I turned 30 which is both exciting and unbelievable at the same time. R surprised me with a trip to Charleston. We ate, walked, took lots of photos and slept a ton. We went to Charleston to sleep. That sentence was spoken like a true parent with kids of any age.

Now that we are back and currently living out days filled with demands from small children here are my goals for August...

1. Start prepping and begin another Whole 30. I keep saying I will blog on this, I will blog on this, I will blog on this but guess what? I haven't yet. Rusty and I completed our first Whole 30 in June. It taught us so much and Rusty requested we do another one when we get back from all the birthday celebrations. I need to start stock piling cooking supplies, order a few things and get to meal planning. Can we all just admit how hard a Whole 30 is but how rewarding it is in the same breath? For those who follow me on social media, you know that we have started. Join us!

2. Keep blogging. I have a schedule I want to stick to but I am finding it difficult with how much work I have been taking on lately. This is a reminder to find balance for the things that make me happy. Truly, writing these posts and my newsletter just brings so much happiness. I am smiling as I type and that is the best reminder to keep writing.

3. Start another downsizing sweep. We have been in our house 8 months and there are still things that need to be sold, donated or tossed. Each year we have a weekend or two that we call the Farrin Family Work Weekend. Almost like a family reunion but with a lot of projects involved so not like a family reunion at all. Labor day weekend is gearing up to be our weekend of projects. Before we get to painting and decorating, I am needing to go through things one more time. Things being cabinets, drawers, closets and our garage. How did we get so much stuff?

4. Unplug. Specifically when I get home from work. A couple times a year I get in a terrible habit of climbing in bed and scrolling. An hour later, I am still scrolling. While I do love social media, the constant scroll or feel to check my phone isn't a perk. Things that sound better: sitting down at the dinner table with my family, going to bed earlier, not feeling tied to something (don't mean that in a negative way - just how I feel), watching a show with Rusty, playing games with my people, dinner parties. See, unplugging is a good thing and social media free weekends may come back in play. Stay tuned!

5. Fall garden planning. I am thinking I just want a fall flower garden versus a vegetable garden. Simple maintenance and I think I may even start with seeds. Never having planted seeds, the whole evolution fascinates me. Start to finish, I want to watch the whole process and even some beautiful fall flowers.

That's it for me. When I write these posts, while I wish I could list all the little things I try to accomplish, I try to keep these posts to larger things that I need to learn, improve on or that make our family/me better and healthier. So what are your goals for the upcoming fall season? Yep, she just made mention of fall. You are welcome.

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