October 31, 2017

Our Bedroom Inspiration

Raise your hand if you can't complete decorating one room in your home? Both hands are raised.

This Christmas season marks one year of being in our beautiful home. We moved the day after Christmas (which isn't for the faint of heart) and temporarily lived with my parents for two weeks while one of our two bathrooms was being remodeled.

And while I would love to say our home is complete and decorated, well, it isn't. But friends, that is okay! If you are in this same boat, don't worry. It is a new space for us and I feel we are entering into a life stage where we are starting to invest in purchases that make us happy. Don't get me wrong. I l-o-v-e  hand me down furniture and am beyond grateful for it. Otherwise, we would still be sitting on the ground watching t.v. at night. But we have developed a style and are starting to buy pieces that fit our home, our style and our budget.

With all this, I am ready to make a big kid bedroom for Rusty and I. Big kid as in a cohesive room with minimal design and major comfort. An escape. An oasis. A place to trying unwind.

In our old home our bedroom was massive and beautiful. It had a fireplace, a living room area, two bathrooms, vaulted ceilings and French doors to our patio. I never knew how to decorate it. It was stunning (even the felt wallpaper we pulled off ;)) Our new bedroom is small. Barely room for a dresser and our bed and my goodness I love it. We have old windows that let in beautiful sunlight. We have a charming space begging for attention. So here we are. A post dedicated to things I want to incorporate into our bedroom.

Things I want to incorporate:
  • Long dresser versus our stand up dresser
  • Nightstands
  • Full length mirror
  • Wall hangings/art
  • Scone near my side of the bed (for late night reading)
  • Blanket + pillow for our muted bedspread
  • Throw pillows (no rolling your eyes Rusty)
And now my favorite part, the inspiration!

Pom pom blankets, I hope you never go out of style. I love them. It would be a fun touch to have on the edge of our bed. We are also currently hunting for two bedside tables. I do want them to match and I want them to be classic. Tables that span the ages type style. Eyeballing these from West Elm but also love this one from Target.

See what I mean about the pom pom blankets. They are my jam. Also this pale, muted color palette carries through all these photos. It relaxes me. It feels elegant. It feels modern. It feels like us.

I truly don't think we have room for a bench at the foot of our bed but I love the idea. Somewhere to throw clothes until you actually make time to hang them up, a place to put on your shoes, practical space.

Y'all this design is just about perfect. Minimal, simple, calming and almost all from West Elm (my favorite store!!). We have a space when you first walk in our room that is perfect for a full length mirror. This one may just be my Christmas gift to myself.

What are the must haves for your bedroom? What makes your space cozy? I can't wait to hear your suggestions!

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