March 13, 2017

The Words I Say

I will never do that when I have children.

She hangs her head in the shame of her words. She feels conviction and sees how her words come across.

I can't believe she did that.

She sits down to write. To pray. To ask forgiveness. To say to other moms, women, friends, strangers, that she is sorry for her critical spirit. That it has been a point of failure and strife.

That isn't appropriate for her age.

She learns that even if she thinks it, it isn't right. It isn't who she wants to be. She knows she needs to change.

Can you believe they did that? *spreads gossip like wildfire continuously

What is she wearing?

Casts ugly stares

Gives backhand response

Complains about helping someone when they don't respond with a thank you

It just keeps coming out. But how does she change? How does she say she is sorry? How does she learn to change her thoughts?

God help me.

A simple prayer. A small conversation begins.

Dear God,

Help me to stop being negative. Let me love others. Let me be compassionate. Let me be like you.


Begins work on herself.

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