March 2, 2017

Skipisms Y'all

Chatting about school.
Mommy: Skip did you have a good day at school?
Skip: Yes.
Mommy: Did you get in time out?
Skip: Yes.
Mommy: Why?
Skip: Push.
Mommy: Who did you push?
Skip: Callie Gurl.
Boba: (Grandma - R's mom) What did Mrs. April say when you pushed Callie?

After praying for family, friends and loved ones.
Mommy: Skip, who do you want to pray for now?
Skip: (in one breath and really fast) Omie, Diddy, JaneMar, Mar, Diddy, Omie.

Skip has two bad scraps on his face due to falling off our back steps. This was his conversation with his Sunday school teachers.
Shay: Skip what happened to your face?
Skip: Push.
Shay: Who pushed you?
Skip: Mommy and daddy. 
(Seriously kid? Haha)

Trying to fight sleep and stay up later.
Mommy: What are we not going to do at school tomorrow?
Skip: Push.
Mommy: Yes. Good!
Skip: Push, April, Callie Gurl, No Skip No!, Go Cats!, Purple, White (quite literally rambling in one breath and with a fist bump at the end for Go Cats!)

On seeing his sweet cousin Nate.
Mommy: Skip, are you going to see Nate this weekend?
Skip: Yes!
Mommy: What are you going to do together?
Skip: Eat cheese.

Holding my big boy and walking past sisters room at night.
Mommy talking.
Skip: (tapping my shoulder) Shhhhh! (finger to mouth) Sissy sleeping.
Mommy cheesy grinning.

Saying prayers before bed.
Mommy: Dear God.
Skip: Dear God.
Mommy: I thank you for...
Skip: I thank you for...
Mommy: Now tell him what you are thankful for.
Skip: Catch (his best friend), puppies and... MUFFINS! AMEN!

Needless to say this stage is fun. He is the sweetest boy ever.

Images by BLC Photography

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