June 21, 2016

Ultimate Kitchen Source List

Wow friends! Seriously, wow to all the wonderful comments we received on our kitchen remodel. It truly has been so great to hear your feedback (good and negative). The best compliment is that it looked like a Joanna Gaines space. Um, hello, Joanna. Do compliments get any better than that? Nope.

We loved working on this project and learned 1,000 lessons (which is another post in the works). I promised to put together a comprehensive list of all our decor and products aka where we shopped far and wide.

We live in a small town and don't have a lot of options so between Home Depot, Lowes (which we drive an hour to), a few local vendors and online our selection is really slim. Also note that I am SUPERRRRRRRR picky. I am at this stage where I know what I want and it is really hard to sway my decision which can be good and bad. Rusty would lean more towards the bad of this habit ;)

While I thought I could proclaim this my last post due to a baby arriving any day I feel I have one more in me. Hopefully I can put the final touches on it before she arrives. Those babies make their own timelines, you know.

Here is the breakdown of our products/things we used/people we hired:

Granite countertops, Classic Granite and Marble
Contractor, Jimmy Norris
Cabinets, Martha Stewart at Home Depot (Dunemere line)
Subway Tile, Home Depot (installed by DHM Marble, Tile and Granite)
Hardware, Home Depot
Floor, Lowes
Recessed Lights, Home Depot
Pendants over island, Target
Appliances (all new), Home Depot
Faucet, Home Depot

Floral canister, Pier 1
Hand towels, TJ Maxx
Utensils holder, Vintage
Wooden cutting board, TJ Maxx
Squirrel cookie jar, Walmart
Corningware bowls, Bed, Bath and Beyond
Wooden floating shelves, Home Goods
Glass canisters, Walmart
Colorful bowls, TJ Maxx and Walmart (Ree Drummond line)
Chalkboard, DIY Project (from forever ago...the DIY post here)
Wooden Pig, Sydney Murphy Design (downtown El Dorado)
Curtains, Target, Nate Berkus
Runner, Rugs USA
Large wooden window frame, My Dad :)
Wooden Pineapple, Main Street Antiques (downtown El Dorado)

For the full tour of our kitchen, check here!

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