April 1, 2016

Things I Absolutely Am Loving / #2

When I was pregnant with Skip I borrowed a lot of maternity clothes from friends. They were all so gracious and I purchased a shirt and a pair of shorts (hello summer pregnancy!) for myself. For the most part I wore what was given to me. And I was truly happy with that.

While I am all about thrifting and hand me downs this time around I changed my ways (some). It may come as a shocker because I truly see beauty in all things but a pregnant body does nothing for me. I never have felt confident while pregnant, ever. This time I told myself to invest in a few things that no matter my size will fit and the biggest thing is work before, during and after pregnancy but mostly make me feel GOOD!

R saved up a little shopping for me for me. We live in a small town with no maternity options so to Oldnavy.com I went. My biggest mission was to purchase things with minimal side ruching plus worked after baby. I also wanted to feel cute and fashionable and like I had plenty to throw together. I think not caring last time didn't help me mentally leading up to Skip being born. I have worked really hard to do it all differently this time around.

Here are a few of the staples I bought. Most are free flowing making them perfect for after Clara makes her debut. And can I say I am all about the pink shade. I had to resist getting everything in that color.

These linen pants (above) are only $20! Run. Don't walk. The blue floral dress is the perfect length and crazy enough (from the front) I don't look pregnant. How did they manage that magic? Ha!

Also in honor of April Fool's Day Old Navy is offering 41% off 1 item and 30% off all Old Navy purchases (overall) with coupon code: NOTAJOKE.

What are your favorite places to shop for maternity goodies? Let me know! Oh, and happy, happy, joyful Friday to you!

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