April 6, 2016

April Goals

I whole heartedly started this post and titled it March goals. This just shows the state of pregnancy brain currently taking over my body. Rusty also has leverage as of late. My normal line is you don't listen. I already told you that. Now he is throwing it back at me and he is right. I know, I know. Pregnancy brain.

Also to note I start my third trimester TODAY. Say what? I just can't. I am all parts excited, say what? and nervous. A mom of two. Thank you Lord for this new stage of life and please help me to enjoy the now with Skip.

We were doing our grocery shopping like normal on Sunday after church. We passed a woman and her newborn baby so new that they might have left the hospital to get groceries. Skip was absolutely begging to hold the baby. He kept patting his chest (please in sign language) rapidly and trying to reach for the baby. We explained to him that he will have a new sissy soon. He kind of gets it but also doesn't. He kissed my belly the other day and it brought all the hormonal tears in my entire body. He is going to be the best big brother. Truly, he is an angel baby.

Yes, I promise to get to my goals. Can you believe the last time I wrote a goals post was July of 2015. Eeeep. So how about the goal of making this monthly again versus yearly? Ha.

Continue work on the nursery. With Skip his nursery was decorated, drawers packed with fresh laundered clothes, artwork hung, pillows fluffed. Yeah, sorry Clara. Funny how baby one brings the happiness of decorating and don't get me wrong I am happy to decorate her room too but also happy with not having it done until after she arrives if be. What makes that happen between baby one and two? Notice the goal isn't to finish but rather to continue working on it. Not making myself stress over a nursery considering Skip is still in the only crib we own. We keep talking about transitioning him to a big boy but neither of us feel he is ready. So it will all happen when it happens. But yes, nursery goals. Also here is some of my favorite design inspiration over on Pinterest.

Creative styled image session for April. One of my goals with Happily June is to release four new images each month. Sometimes that happens through what I capture in every day life but it also comes from fun sessions with the music up, the sunlight coming in and styled images. Here is to having one of those amazing sessions soon.

Try a new tea. I want to be a tea drinker and I just can't do it. I can't get behind it or maybe I just haven't found a tea that I love yet. Your tea suggestions are welcome. I am a fruity flavor fan and black tea is working on converting me.

Finish business plan for Happily June. Wow! I cannot believe I am speaking this out loud, er writing this down. Three years ago Happily June, a clear vision for Happily June and all the goodness that comes with a business was birthed. Happily June and what you see now is an introduction of what's to come. But I want to rejoice in what Happily June is now. It is so special to me. Pray that I can write a business plan with clear intentions. Pray that I follow God in each step of the journey and pray for a spirit that doesn't waiver even in the uncertainty.

Create mood board for Happily June. I want a pin board hanging over my desk with all things I see for Happily June. I want to see it every morning. I want it to be an experience. I want to touch it. A mood board is the inspiration that I am needing.

Read one new book. I am currently waiting for this book to hit my doorstep. I have been following Lara for years and I cannot wait to read this book. You should read her blog too! She is wonderful, pure and so honest about her faith.

What are you goals for April? Today I am thankful for a clear moment to write and flowers blooming outside. What are you grateful for? I want to be excited with you in this moment of life. Don't forget you can sign up for my newsletter here! Inspiration to your inbox each week.

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