April 28, 2016

Just Say Thank You

Sitting in church Sunday I knew I had lost it. I am not sure when I lost it or when the block came but it was there and I felt it. I didn't like it. I didn't understand it. I couldn't believe it either. But ultimately, I lost my praise.

The block started rearing its ugly head prior to Sunday. I felt disconnected from God in many ways. This had happened in the past. Typically when I ignore his direction or I wasn't enriched in his word daily but those things were happening. I was listening. I was reading. I was studying. I was meditating.

Opening my bible and reading scripture invoked nothing but discomfort. What was in the way between God and I?

Sunday was something new though. Standing in church while others praised God. People in terrible situations, walking through the darkest of valleys yet still worshipping. What was wrong with me? I truly didn't feel it. I sat down while the praise team quietly sang, partly due to being 30 weeks pregnant and partly due to being ashamed that I had lost my connection to him.

Then I felt it. His quiet presence. He was saying just tell me thank you.

So I obeyed.

I began thanking God, for everything.

A healthy family. A baby on the way. Quiet time in the morning. My aching body preparing for childbirth. Friends. Family. Sunday afternoons. Sticking by me. Allowing me to thank him for all he does. Nothing was too little to offer a thank you of praise.

He is so worthy friends. I cannot say that enough.

And his spirit began to wash over me. Waves of relief. Waves of praise. Waves of deep connectivity to him, to his presence, to his throne.

When you feel disconnected from him, just utter a simple thank you. Just say thank you.

When I got home I stumbled across this song. It is one of those songs that comes at the right time and has been on constant repeat. Let it bless you.

So take me back, back to the beginning. When I was young running through the fields with you.

You are full of life now and full of passion. That's how he made you. Just let it happen.

Just say thank you friends.

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