May 5, 2016

Our Last Weekend Getaway

This past weekend Rusty and I were all about getting away for one more childfree weekend before baby CJ arrives. We are fortunate to have a condo on the lake in Hot Springs so away we went.

I really didn't snap too many pictures while we were there but the nice part is these are all iPhone photos. This ultimately means I didn't whip out the big camera. While I love snapping great quality photos I also love times when I am in the moment and the camera just doesn't come out at all.

Rusty and I spent the entire weekend shopping (at the same time versus one wrestling Skipper), eating too much, laying by the pool, watching boats on the lake and resting. I miss it already. The first time I left Skip I sobbed, like hot mess sobbed. I missed him it physically hurt but I am learning that time away from him is good for all of us. The most important thing is our marriage needs it. I cannot say this enough. We got two days of undivided one on one attention. When is the last time I could say that happened? We reconnected, rested together and laughed so much. I love time with my husband. We cannot parent if we are not united. This weekend did just that.

Also when we went to get Skip from my mom and dad's on Sunday he acted like we went and ran an errand, not like we spent two nights away. He could have cared less. Rusty and I laughed so hard. He needed time away from mommy and daddy too!

Below are photos from this weekend plus the places we shopped and where we dined. Enjoy!

Places we ate:
Rocket Fizz (downtown): we didn't really eat here but more or less freaked out over candy! Rusty didn't get anything but I treated myself to a mini air head and a black cherry bottle soda. Their bottled soda collection was insane! I wish I would have been more brave and tried flavors like hot sauce chicken wings and red velvet cupcake. I stuck with my favorite flavor, black cherry. They also had tons and tons of fun candy plus the ultimate taffy selection. It was a treat to see a store like this downtown!

Java Primo (on Central): I may change Clara's name to Java Primo. This is R's and I favorite place for breakfast. Their dinner/lunch menu is bigger but we always dine in for breakfast. Rusty got a waffle plus biscuits and gravy for us to share while I got the Greek quiche with skillet potatoes. We barely made a dent. My quiche had chicken, spinach and feta. It was divine. Rusty always treats himself to their fresh squeezed orange juice. They make it on the spot and it is so refreshing. I got a coffee as big as my face (pictured below). Go here.

Fisherman's Wharf: This is my favorite spot in all the land i.e. Hot Springs. I could eat here every meal. Rusty got their bacon wrapped crab stuffed jumbo shrimp while I savored crab cakes. When I was a broke college student I would save my pennies to treat myself to a meal here once a week. I would savor it and of course eat every bite making the meal last a few days. Thank you lifeguard days at Magic Springs for this memory.

Chik-fil-a: Are you laughing that I listed this one? Well you shouldn't. We don't have one in our town so DUH?!?! this made the list. Chicken biscuit. Drops mic. Walks away.

Places we shopped:

Rocket Fizz: mentioned above. They had other goodies minus candy and soda.

State and Pride Provisions Company (downtown): The cutest y'all! I wanted every t-shirt in there. You know the kinds of shirts that are so soft you try to figure out a way to include them in your every day professional wardrobe. Yep, those kinds. They had vintage decor, hand towels, shirts, everything perfect.

Bathhouse Soapery and Caldarium (downtown): I love this place. It smells good. It looks cute. The staff is awesome and all their products are made their in store. I bought lots of goodies (mostly for mother's day) but my favorite scent is goddess. I am finding reasons to take extra showers. Also they have soap in the shape of a razorback that smells like bacon. I know, genius.

What are your favorite spots in Hot Springs? We can't wait to go back with baby CJ. Our world is about to change the best way possible.

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