April 21, 2016

Skip at 19 Months

Skip is such a little love bug and with a sister coming quickly I thought a post all about him was needed. Every day Rusty and I look at him and notice something new about him or something that is changing.

Skip is getting so tall! He just keeps growing and growing. He is happy and loving and if it were up to him we would live outside and get rid of the house. We have seen a bit of a temper/lack of patience recently and the time out chair is a new thing in our home. He likes the chair right now and when we ask him to go sit in it, he doesn't fit us (see people pleaser explanation below). At the same time he acts like a baby he also acts like he is 15. He loves being in his big boy room and plays independently so well. I gave him two cookies (one for each hand) and he went to his room, sat on the bed and just stared out the window. He is funny!

We are smitten with him. Truly, he is an angel boy.

Favorite things: bubble baths, being outside, the record player, dancing, Super Why, wrestling with Dada, eating, ball (every kind), blowing bubbles, playing with friends, splashing in puddles, jumping on the bed, tickle sessions

Words he is using: Dada, Mama, Gigi, Love You, Thank You, More, Please, Bawllll (ball), Boom (said after every shot he makes), Bubbles (both used for bubbles and raisins), Dee (yes), baeball (baseball) and sign language is still a big way of communication for us

Favorite foods: veggie straws, ham, raisins, carrots, bananas, oranges, vanilla wafers, cheerios, eggs, fruit smoothies with hidden spinach (mom win!), sweet potatoes, oatmeal

More about him:

Skip has the sweetest personality. He loves to please you which is surprising to Rusty and I. Don't get me wrong. We like to make others happy but Skip finds fulfillment in it. He loves making you laugh and wants to see you happy. We love this about him. It makes us better parents. He truly challenges us to be better people. Crazy how a 19 month old human can do that to you.

Skip is obsessed with playing ball. He asks to play 24/7. About two months ago we got him a basket and he is shooting from far away now. Rusty and Skip work on shooting every day. Last week Rusty bought him a tee and now baseball is in the mix. Bawwwwllll (he shouts)!

We tried sleeping in a big boy bed and that was terrible. Skip isn't necessarily showing signs of wanting to sleep in the big boy bed we just wanted to get the crib in Clara's room. I thought it would be easy since he l-o-v-e-d moving into his big boy room. False, false. I am not sure who cried more, Skip or mommy. We plan on trying again soon but also know we don't have to rush.

We started feeding Skip solids around 5 months and he never looked back. He loved eating. He would eat anything you put in front of him. Here in the last few weeks we have a picky eater. He likes chicken then he doesn't. He likes string cheese now he doesn't. His favorite thing to do is to take a bite then spit it out and hand it to me. He loves me. I haven't given up though and am hoping this is just a phase. We keep letting him try new things and won't change that.

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  1. He is just SO sweet! Having a little guy myself now I understand the magic of little boys xoxo

    1. Thank you! We think he is pretty sweet too ;)


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