March 21, 2016

Happily June Stock + Styled Images

Happily June Stock + Styled Images |

I CANNOT BELIEVE I AM TYPING THIS POST! It feels so good to share a new venture with you, my dear friends.

I spilled all the beans last week to my newsletter readers (you should totally sign up here) and their response has been overwhelming! Lots of love and support today and every day. For a woman who is 6 months pregnant all this joy makes me weepy. Seriously, like tears at the computer all morning. I need a nap or a good cheeseburger. One of the two.

Also in the newsletter were a lot of details about the story behind this new venture. To summarize I started snapping photos totally for fun over a year ago. I really loved capturing real life images versus staged but totally saw photography being just a fun hobby and part of my job.

In January I had a prophetic word spoken over me about business, photography, life. It left me relling and pondering what all of it meant. The thing about God is that he may give you a word but that doesn't necessarily mean he gives you clarity right then. And that just builds my patience, my prayer life, my hope. I began praying for his answer and vision for my creative, entrepreneurial soul.

One day it just hit me and I was like "uh duh katie. stock + styled images!"

And here we are. Happily June is a small business full of goodness, simple design, stock + styled images and joy. My shop on creative market gives businesses, bloggers, writers, business savvys the opportunity to build a brand that truly reflects their style and mission. And that makes me happy. All of it.

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