March 15, 2016

6 Things You Don't Know About Me

That picture up above is from this past summer and I see that squish baby and wonder where he went. We are down to just ankle rolls. Thank goodness another baby is coming with the potential promise of rolls and tan lines.

I am not really sure how this post idea came to be but I have started and stopped it about 10 times. Do people really care? How personal do I get here? Are there 6 things people don't know about me? And so I write on.

Pizza // If I had to pick one meal that I ate for the rest of my life it would be pizza. I have seriously considered this friends. I like to celebrate with pizza for any life occasion. New business? Pizza. Kid sleeps through the night? Pizza. You got to work on time? Pizza. Give me any good pizza with toppings and that perfect box it comes in and I am happy. Also pizza is better on paper plates. But alas, one meal forever would be pizza. No doubts.

On being a creative soul // This point has been a struggle for me my whole life until recently and even then I still struggle with a creative spirit. The thing about a creative person is they have lots of ideas, lots of passions. While this is really, really cool it is also a negative. At times I feel I have so many ideas or passions that I never get great at one thing. I try different business ideas. I start too many hobbies. I can't focus. For the longest this has bothered me, at least others perception of me. What will they think of me if I try something else new? How can I convince them it isn't just another thing versus a passion?

But here lately I am learning to embrace that part of who I am and not worry what others say. It is a heavy burden to carry and I don't want to anymore. I am learning that if I try something new at least I am brave enough to try it. I am seeing the positive in being a creative body. I am learning that if I want others to believe in me and my work that the passion and effort behind it will say it all. Being a creative person isn't a terrible thing but a blessing of who I am. I never want to change that.

Music & my mood // Music can 100% turn my mood around. I can be in the worst mood or feeling unproductive but the right song comes on and instant mood changer. Music has always done that for me. Even since I was little I have felt these emotions. For example, driving down the road with warm weather and the windows down is fantastic (!!!) but add Your All I Need to Get By with Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell and you have pure, pure magic. And since you need proof finishing while reading this post, click this link below and hit play. :)

Lunch plans //  If I could have lunch with anyone it would be my grandmother before she developed alzheimer's. I am incredibly blessed to still have her around but her mind is gone. I pray the memories are not. We would have chicken salad on fluffy croissants with her beautiful floral dishes and fresh flowers on the table. We would indulge in dessert (chocolate of course...her favorite) and talk life, faith and aging. I miss her spunk so much but she is still as sassy as ever (even with the alzheimer's). And the best part is her knowing I am naming my sweet girl after her.

Terrible at focusing on one task // Throughout typing this post I have checked email, wrote down a task list, looked at domain things, reviewed images for a project. I have a bad tendency of not completing one task before my mind jumps to something else. I truly need help with it and you can leave your suggestions + tricks in the comments below. :) I do try to focus and check one thing off my list at a time but it never happens that way. Getting my list completed isn't a problem but staying on one task at a time totally is.

Deja vu //  I have moments of deja vu constantly. Just typing this post I was brought to a memory of this moment even though I was creating it at that moment. I am a visual person and a lot of times I will visual things I want/picture for my future. It can be in career, family, finances, anything. Sometimes I think that contributes to the deja vu but I will have the exact same vision months or sometimes years later. Isn't that a weird trait to have? How does deja vu truly work? I should probably find out. Is it even real? Also when I do have those moments I announce them to everyone in the room.

6 things that you all now know! This post sort of feels vulnerable but fun. Thank you all for reading and for that I am sending you the best vibes for your day. Hugs!

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