February 12, 2016

Monterey Again and Again

Monterey, travel, photography, vacation, California

A new friend today and I were chatting. She said, "You should totally blog." I laughed and said well I do, well did.

There is a whole list of reasons why I don't as much or ever really but instead I would rather focus on life and get a few words in when I can.

This past fall Rusty came home exclaiming he was going to the SUPER BOWL! Isn't that the coolest? We started throwing around the idea of me going with him to California for a few days before his work trip/SB50. We were all excited about it but the more we looked into it we thought financially it wouldn't be a good idea.

Of course, I cried. The selfish gal in me wanted to see California so bad. It has been on my list of must visit places for a while now especially the coast.

We let the idea go and we continued to get excited about R's trip. I mean, hello (!!!). The Super Bowl is a once in a lifetime deal!
Monterey, travel, photography, vacation, California

About a week after Christmas Rusty walked in at lunch time. He tossed an envelope down on our kitchen island. I asked what it was and he instructed me to open it. Inside was a plane ticket to Cali! I squealed and of course hugged Rusty. Rusty did a lot of searching to find the best flight for us. We had to drive to Dallas the night before we left but it saved us $300 on my round trip flight plus no stops.

Rusty's business trip started on a Thursday evening so we headed out Tuesday. His accommodations for his trip began on Thursday so I booked the loveliest Airbnb for Tuesday and Wednesday. I plan to share much more about our trip like our rental, where we ate, how we saved and what sights we saw but all that will come in later posts (I promise!).

I did want to share our video that we made of our time in California. It is beautiful and I could make every shot of the ocean. California, you are a beauty.

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