January 25, 2016

For My Day

I can remember nights that I spent at my grandparents house (now our home). My grandparents had a little tv in my room, a closet full of toys and they were just plain fun.

I truly enjoyed the days and nights spent here with them.

In the mornings at 5:30 my grandmother was up working out, drinking coffee then sitting in her den to read her bible and pray. She was one woman who when she said that she would pray for you, you trusted her on that. She kept a list of her prayer requests and amazingly herself nor her worries made the list much. She prayed fervently for others.

With no exaggeration I remember watching my grandmother do this when I was 7 and when I was 17. It was her morning routine.

One thing I am realizing more and more (especially hearing it from my family) is that I act a lot like June Rose. I totally take that compliment. I love her dearly even embracing the nickname June Junior or lovingly, JJ.

With becoming a mother time is sacred. You might have even of laughed reading that statement. I get it now. I mean time using the potty ALONE is a ritual of serenity that I will take any day. Recently I have been working on my dreams and goals for this year. While we have some monumental things happening this year (eeeeep!), I have come to realize that I need two things in my life, every day.

These two things make me a better mom, neighbor, wife, Christian, friend. All of it. And while I would love to claim it happens before anyone is up that isn't the truth. I am learning to accept that too. If I can't accomplish both of these things before sun up that is okay. I just need to get to them at some point. Nap time is usually the spot.

While you may be surprised (especially if you know me) that coffee didn't make the list, here are the two things that make my day:

1. A workout. It doesn't matter if I workout 12 minutes, 30 minutes or two hours (ha!) as long as I get my heart pumping and a good sweat I feel like a million bucks. It makes doing laundry not so bad. It makes me smile. It makes me love better. It is also selfish in that all together I feel great. Lately I have been doing Shaun T's T-25. I hate it but I love it. You get what I am saying? :)

And don't worry. We have the WHOLE set of multiple DVD's of T-25. Why? Because when Rusty use to have to be on call on the weekends he got suckered into watching the T-25 infomercial for 7 hours straight. He came home and proudly proclaimed he had spent $100+ on these workout DVD's. I almost lost my mind. But now I thank you Rusty because 25 minutes is the perfect balance. Rusty, you won this round.

2. God's word. I am still searching for the perfect devotional for me but right now I am working through proverbs 31 daily devos. Any suggestions for a devotion? Send them my way.

My prayer lately has been to yearn for studying his word. As long as I have been a Christian, I haven't retained the bible well. I have a hard time recalling scriptures (even ones I try to memorize). I am learning that I need to study, to go deeper with this word versus reading a bit and praying. I want to study his word. His true word that he breathed into existence. To turn the tv off, put on praise and worship music, sing to him then read his word. Also being quiet and still and receptive to his response. I was telling one of my dear friends today that our house is starting to get sickly. Rusty is struggling with sinus and congestion. I was talking with God on my drive to a friends home and I thought I don't want Rusty sick. God said, "Have you even prayed for him yet?" Got it. My prayers are changing in that they are becoming more specific. I could go on and on about how God is moving but that is for another post. Thank goodness for his word for us.

When these two things happen everything else seems to fall into place. Not every day but mostly. I am more patient with Skip, we played harder, the house gets picked up, I have more grace for myself and others, making dinner excites me, I shower... all of it. What are your two things or do you have more? Other people's rituals excite me. I know, odd. :)

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