February 15, 2016

Things I Absolutely Am Loving / #1

I am an avid believer in sharing my favorite things. Some would call me an oversharer. I don't mind.

This behavior has lead to a new series. I have kind of done something like this in the past but I am hoping to share 3-4 things a month that I am truly loving but more importantly actually using in my life and home. This will be products of many uses (i.e. home, life, wearing, baby, decor). My purpose is to give an honest review (no paid advertising here) but also if it blesses me I really hope it can bless you too.

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For a while I have been shopping with Follian. Their mission: selling quality products that are healthy and pure. Think about it. Your skin is a big organ, your largest in fact. How are you treating it?

About two years ago I really started thinking about what I using on my skin from make up to lotions to shampoo. I also started uping my water intake. Through this process I am learning that investing a little more money into my skincare products/routine takes time. I didn't switch over all my products at once. Instead I take money from each paycheck and invest in something new. I firmly believe in using something until it is gone so some months I don't buy anything.

I bought the Farmaesthetics Fine Herbal Cleanser and am l-o-v-i-n-g it! $38 is a lot for me to pay for a cleanser but the perks are unreal. It is mild and one pump mixed with a little water washes my face perfectly. I use less than I did with my $8 clean and clear so long term it has been a better investment financially. It smells ultra clean and I genuinely find reasons to wash my face just so I can use it. Also the bottle is glass which means it is better for our environment plus I will keep it and reuse it again. I bought this cleanser around April of last year and am only about 1/4 way through the 8 oz. bottle. I cannot recommend this product or line enough!

beauty products, follian, shop follians, health, beauty, clean, natural

Even if you don't want to shop Follian their newsletter & blog are the best. It shows you neat things happening throughout their three locations (which would be a dream to visit...especially Nantucket), clean products and brands plus beauty trends. And bless this mommy's heart, I need help with the beauty world. Ha!

What are you loving right now? What are your favorite products you are using? Have you bought anything through Follian?

Images via Follian

*All opinions are my own. Follian gave me no compensation in any way. They are just that fab!

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