October 22, 2015

30 Things I am Thankful For in October

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Two years+ ago I wrote a post similar to this one. Counting all the things I am thankful for some may seem like a task but once I start typing the blessings/gratefulness just flows. I highly recommend it. Happy or down, making a list of things you are thankful for is a must. Day maker in fact.

While I love the month of October I didn't want it to be numbers 1-30 (although it could be). These next three months I feel always go by in a big blur. And then when I bring in the new year I am sad that I cannot always remember the feelings on Thanksgiving or Christmas. So reminiscing posts like these help me reflect and remember.

30 Things I am Thankful for in October

1. Jane the Virgin on Netflix. Obsessed.

2. Completing one of my post baby goals of completing a half marathon. Still a bit sore... two weeks later.

3. The month of October all together. See, told you.

4. The massive amounts of leaves in the yard.

5. Snuggling a little longer under the covers in the morning.

6. This article on My Domaine. Women who encourage you through their careers; I always love those articles.

7. Traveling each weekend this month visiting friends and family.

8. Skip developing quite the personality. He stopped playing and came to hug me. It was one of those moments.

9. Coffee. Lots and lots of coffee. Especially granitas.

10. Laying on the couch with Rusty watching football every night of the week. Almost.

11. Pinning, pinning, pinning.

12. This blog.

13. Family dinners around the table.

14. Quiet moments throughout the day.

15. Rest. Learning that rest for me isn't always sleep but also those quiet moments mentioned above.

16. Dreaming of cold weather and oversized scarves.

17. Easy tips for indesign.

18. Planning a fall baby shower. Pumpkins and magnolia leaves accepted.

19. Editing photos of Skip dressed in a pumpkin costume that Rusty wore when he was a baby.

20. Decorating my front porch.

21. Our sweet neighbor that comes over to play with Skip. She has the kindest heart.

22. Listening to my Frank Sinatra record while making dinner.

23. Thrifting pumpkins to decorate our home with.

24. Evenings outside with Skip. He loves playing outside (begs for it actually). I try to prep dinner then go outside until Daddy gets home. He gets to play and see Daddy drive up.

25. Morning quiet time with hot lemon water and the bible.

26. Possibly the end of nursing. Skip is starting to show signs of being done with nursing (13+ months later). I am not like most nursing moms in that I am ready for it and not emotional about it at all. The only thing that gets me is seeing him show less interest aka making his own decision. That gets to me.

27. Baking pumpkin bread that was absolutely divine. Three ingredients and recipe here.

28. Downtown El Dorado and how quirky, refreshing and eclectic it is.

29. Thrifting our Halloween costumes.

30. The fall apple candle that burns constantly in my house.

Okay, now it is your turn! Happy October friends. And may we be so present in each moment. :)

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