November 6, 2015

Oh Friday, Volume 3

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Testing. Is this thing on? (Aren't I witty?)

Yes I know it has been a while and I have no good reason other than it has been a while.

But it is here. A lovely weekend full of fall goodness. And our first weekend at home in 5, count them, 5 weeks. I am so ready to drink coffee on my couch tomorrow. Like, thank you Lord excited.

Here is what our weekends have looked like. Fayetteville for a half marathon, Pocahontas for a family get together, San Antonio for a wedding and Fayetteville for Halloween.

So what all do those weekends include? Pictures of Skip. Well, other things too but let's be honest in that you want to see Skipper pictures.

I did it! I completed my first half marathon post baby and never want to do it again. In the picture below I am smiling because I actually finished. I will say I am pleased with all my training that I did but I still needed a bit more time. I hit 7.5 miles and also hit a wall. After about 8 miles, I went from running to running and walking. My overall goal was just to finish and I did! I highly recommend this half marathon (the Hero half). It is for a great cause but also the course was beautiful. Trail running in fall in Fayetteville equals perfection. The only complaint? The finish line was up a massive hill. Not sure who planned that? Maybe it was an inside joke that clearly I was left out of. Also a lady who was easily 8 months pregnant ran this race. She is my hero!

Up above is my sweet friend Catherine. She is amazing and awesome and all sorts of feels. She ran with me and encouraged me along the way. We also went up to Fayetteville for Halloween to celebrate her big girl accomplishments in buying her first home. P.s. It is stunning!

The Farrin's headed north again to spend time with our loved ones. Our weekend in Pocahontas marked three years since Rusty's dad passed. The thing about this blog is it was around then. Reading the post I briefly wrote still takes my breath away. So sudden but we are at a time where the hurt isn't near as much and the celebration of Randy is greater.

I also took a hiatus from social media, really online life in general. It was unbelievably needed. And at times I find myself wanting to disconnect again or even just more. Regardless, in that time I started documenting some of my design work I have been doing lately. Meet my love child Happily June. Here recently I have taken on small design projects like a invitation here or a birth announcement there and I love it. Like sit on the computer playing around, learning, exploring my creativity until my cheeks are numb. I really am loving this hobby. So if you want to work with me, email me at

Enough about me. Of course, like most Friday posts I love sharing things I find online and can't get enough of.

And all the things I am loving around the web...

9 rules for texting. These are so spot on.

This shirt is perfect. Thinking of getting it for my closet.

My theme song right now.

Fall scarves and coffee lovers unite.

On the search for the perfect rug and this image just speaks to me.

This Halloween card is the cutest.

My half marathon running playlist which got me through the race with ease... it got me through.

20 things I wish I knew at 20.

Because pumpkin pecan cobbler may become a staple in our home during the holidays.

I hope your Friday is the perfect dose of happiness and magic! xo

Top image via and all others by me

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