August 25, 2015

When a Sweet Lady Flirts with Your Husband, husband, handsome, good looking, alzheimers

It is no secret that I think my husband is a stud but I learned recently I am not alone in that fact.

Back in 2005 my grandmother was diagnosed with Alzheimer's. At the time it was little things that pointed to the disease. She would forget where she parked, lost her wallet a few times, misplaced things around her home, forgot an ingredient in a recipe, things like that.

She lived at home with my grandfather for many years after her diagnosis but had a caregiver come a few times during the day just to help out. Once she got worse my grandfather moved her into a faculty that had a specialized space for Alzheimer's patients. The nurse and the patients are always a joy to be around. Most of them have reverted to being child like. And while I could talk more about the disease and how hard it is to watch, this post is a happy one.

A few Fridays ago Rusty and I wanted to go see June Rose. We made the quick drive over to Magnolia and entered Grandma's wing of the nursing home. (My grandfather goes and feeds her twice a day and sits in her room with her. She doesn't know him but at the same time she does. Their love is truly magical). June Bug was sitting at the table in the main living area so I sat right next to her. We held hands and I told her Katie Irene was there. She replied,  "Well come on. Let's go." It makes me smile because it is such a God thing that she knew who I was. We are very blessed to get those moments. My grandmother loved to run around doing errands, planning parties, organizing bridge events, going and going. It made me happy to hear her say that.

We brought Skipper in with us and R was holding him. Seeing a baby makes gets the patients so excited and they all want to reach for him. We don't let them hold him but allow them to touch him and hold his hand. They were going on and on about how adorable Skip was and how much they loved him. Then from the corner of the room a little, tiny gray haired lady shouts (in a room of about 20), "You all keeping talking about that baby but have you seen his Daddy? He is the good looking one."

Rusty was red faced, no words kind of embarrassed. We (the nurses and I) laughed so hard. I am still laughing about it as to this blog post. Hahahaha!

So that was the day that I saw my husband embarrassed for the first time ever. It was a good day.

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