August 21, 2015

Oh Friday Y'all

Hello. My name is Katie. I write this blog and I love Fridays. With that we celebrate...

For years I have celebrated Love Song Friday on Fridays. Yes, a song dedicated to Fridays. Trust me, you get your groove on. But I also love the idea of sharing things that inspire me on all week long and on Fridays too.

If your dog could text. Hysterical.

This pink scarf for fall. And may I add that this weather has had fall written all over it.

I miss them. John and Sherry announced their new book and book tour.

Booties on my radar.

This song is my jam. I listen to it multiple times a day and never get tired of it. You are a good, good Father.

Just trying to get you excited about fall with this pin board.

500 square foot apartment tour and I love this tiny space that fits 4(!!!) people.

Just in case you missed it, our news on our move.

A Gilmore Girls poll. Would you rather date Jess, Dean or Logan? Logan all the way. Gah, I miss this show.

And to end with this video that will make you cry. Yes, it has product placement for Quaker throughout it but ignore that and savor your little babes. I am serious. I cried.

I hope you all have such a wonderful weekend. A weekend full of coffee, cooler weather, your comfiest jeans, a gourmet breakfast, sleeping in (although not sure that still exists after children) and a second cup of coffee type of weekend.

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