August 26, 2015

Never Give Up + A Free Printable

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I keep trying to type out a post that makes sense. One that inspires you and makes you feel better about the world we live in. I feel like at this point only God's word can do that.

So instead of writing I made a print. Put it in your bible, tape it to your wall, frame it, display it in your cubicle. And rejoice in the fact that scripture breaths life back into us...

Download your print here. And I am calling this the never give up print and I want you to promise to never give up. Pinky promise? Okay, good.

To download the never give up print you do not have to have dropbox. The print is 8.5 x 11 (full sheet of paper) and looks better on cardstock but use what you have at home or work and pass it on.

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